30 Days of Thanks!

If you’ve been on facebook at all this month, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one posting that said Day# – I’m thankful for …

Well I’m lazy…can’t be relied upon to post something on FB every day.

So here’s my 30 days of thanks all wrapped up in one nice neat little bow of a post.

Day 1 – I’m thankful for my life. The fact that I live and breath is truly awesome. In my job and in my life I have seen so many individuals and families who have made one tiny decision that has led to total destruction of their life. I’m thankful that those “opportunities” didn’t present themselves often and that when they did I either made the right decision or something intervened and kept me where I am.

Day 2 – I’m thankful for my body. I may criticize it to no end and spend countless hours pinching and poking it while staring in a mirror, but when it comes down to it, this body is pretty awesome. I can put my mind to things and my body follows through. How cool is that?

Day 3 — I’m thankful for my health. I’m not sick with some crazy chronic or devastating disease. And, I’m not sick with stupid little crap very often. I’m working on getting healthier each day so that this can last for a long time.

Day 4 – I’m thankful for my home. DH and I were able to buy a home before we started law school. I’m thankful we have a place that is our own. It keeps us warm and toasty in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. While we don’t always love it and are ready to “move up” this home is pretty awesome for two “under 30’s” to have. Not to mention the fact that we actually have a home with a bed to sleep in, unlike so many less fortunate.

Day 5 – I’m thankful for my husband. He puts up with me. ’nuff said? I am crazy and have hair-brained ideas like no other. He puts up with that. He keeps me sane and is on my side when I need him to be. He also encourages me and challenges me each and every day to be a better person.

Day 6 – I’m thankful for my dog. A year ago I would not have believed you if you told me I would have a dog, and one that I would love this much. I spent 28 years afraid of dogs and in a matter of about a day I became one of the biggest dog lovers ever. Today I said to my friend “I just want all the dogs to come live with me … all of them” Yup…how’d that happen? On a more serious note, we really got a good one. He is loving and a great snuggler. He has had some health issues, but nothing too serious and nothing we aren’t capable of handling.

Day 7 – I’m thankful for my parents. I could write an entire 10-part fan fiction book on how much they have taught me and how thankful I am to have those two folks be my parents. Two people who also not only put up with my insanity, but also encourage it …even if they don’t believe in it themselves. They do what parents are supposed to do — love me (and my brother) unconditionally. But they also shoved us outta the house when we needed it and taught us to deal with our grown up lives. They’ll never abandon us, but they want us to learn to stand on our own two feet. And…they’re fun. I genuinely like spending time with my parents.

Day 8 – I’m thankful for my brother. No one knows you like a sibling knows you. I got a pretty good one. Probably a good bit of that is owed to those people in Day 7, but a lot is just pure luck. He shows up when it matters …even when he doesn’t want to. And that means a lot.

Day 9 – I’m thankful for my in-laws. It is tough to become a member of someone else’s family. They do everything differently and it definitely takes some getting used to. I am very thankful that DH’s family is so warm and welcoming to in-laws.

Day 10 – I’m thankful for our niece. Yeah…that kind of fits in with the in-laws. But she’s our only niece (or nephew for that matter)! I’m thankful she is healthy and happy and such a joy to be around.

Day 11 – I’m thankful for my grandparents. In a span of a few weeks more than 18 months, we lost three..count ’em … both of our grandfathers and someone who was like a grandfather to me. Now we just have my grandma and Jon’s two grandmothers still living (of the grandparents we knew). I hate that you always appreciate something so much more when its gone. I hate that you always wish you’d said I love you more and given more hugs. That you always wish you’d paid more attention and asked more questions. I’m thankful for the lessons that got through despite all that. And that we just kind of lucked out by being born into two of the best families ever. …not to brag or anything.

Day 12 – I’m thankful for my extended family. I am very blessed that in my life my parents felt it was important to spend time with not only our immediate family, but our extended family as well. These are people I lean on and learn from all the time. I’m thankful that my cousins are crazy like me and will join in and have fun with me. I’m especially thankful for my cousin’s Jess and Julie who have gotten into the running thing with me over the past year or so and despite being MUCH faster…still cheer me on.

Day 13 – I’m thankful for my “sisters.” For this one I mean my two sisters-in-law (my brother’s wife and my husband’s sister). I grew up with a brother and a best friend (female). But until I married DH and my brother married his wife, I didn’t have “sisters.” They are great at family functions to just escape a bit. And its easier to bond with people your own age. I am hope I am as welcoming to my brother’s wife as my husband’s sister has been to me.

Day 14 – I’m thankful for my sister-friend. I have known my best friend since birth (her’s – she’s 4 months younger). We grew up together. I’m thankful that even though our lives are sometimes in different places and we are far apart, we are family and will always be family to each other.

Day 15 – I’m thankful for my family friends. My parents had friends that have been a huge part of my life growing up. They are people with different perspectives and experiences and my parents have chosen to allow them to be a part of my life. They are also people I know I could call for ANYTHING and they would show up…just like family. I am so grateful that these people have been, are and will be a part of my life.

Day 16 – I’m thankful for my friends. I have great friends. I have a small group of people that I really call friends, but they are awesome. No need for quantity when you have quality like these folks. I’m also thankful that my one group of friends takes time each year to get together for a girls weekend and hang out!

Day 17 – I’m thankful for my Church family. I’m so grateful that my parents raised me in the church that they did. It’s a small local church, but the people there are just amazing. Again…people I could call for pretty much anything and they would show up and help out however they are able.

Day 18 – I’m thankful for God. Kind of odd to put him right here in the middle of things. But that’s kind of where he sits in my life. I am so blessed. Each and every day I am reminded of the blessings that God has rained down on me. Through tough times, there is always something that pops up and reminds me of this. I am thankful that I am able to believe openly what I believe inwardly and not have to hide my religion.

Day 19 – I’m thankful for “small things.” You know what I’m talking about … Getting that 3 min PR at a race. Getting to spend 45 mins walking a 5k with a friend b/c they won’t leave you behind. My snuggling puppy sleeping beside me on the couch. New shoes. The smell of a new book. Finding a great song. The little things that just make life so much better.

Day 20 – I’m thankful for my job. I’m thankful I have a job when so many don’t. I have had the misfortune of watching dear friends and family struggle with finding a job in this miserable economy. I am thankful I have a place to go and work and earn money. I am also thankful for my particular job. I have so much freedom and flexibility and no one holding me back. I can dream big and have a place to fall back if I need it. I have two great mentors in the field, but also in life. I could be somewhere else making more money and working 80 hours a week. But my job puts a big emphasis on family and our whole life and for that I am thankful. I am also thankful that I have apparently found a few crazies in the world who get my sense of humor!

Day 21 – I am thankful we have money. We aren’t rich and I don’t want to sound so materialistic. But we are at a point where we don’t really need to “worry” about money. We are trying to save for a new house and some other things, but at the end of the day…if we need to spend on something we can pretty much afford it. I work with clients and see other individuals through work that are struggling to get by. On Monday I was in Court and a defendant was discussing how much they could afford to pay on their fine each month (payment plan on criminal fine). The individual stated they could only afford to pay $50 per month to pay off a $350 fine. If I had a fine or bill that was $350…I’d walk in and pay it. Disclaimer here — I do not intend to get any criminal fines. But I’m just saying it had me thinking about how grateful I am that I don’t have to worry about stuff like that so much anymore. I’m also thankful that our parents taught us to manage money well enough that we put some away for rainy days.

Day 22 – I’m thankful for patience. Sometimes you REALLY have to choose to be patient. I’m thankful that, despite my not being the most patient person, when I need to be, I can be.

Day 23 – I’m thankful for the internet. I offered to make Thanksgiving dinner for DH’s family on Sat 11/23. I am so thankful for the internet for researching and planning the menu and for all those last minute “what do I do” moments. I’m also thankful that I can shop online and research online and do so much else online. What an awesome time we live in where we can be so connected and learn so much from people so far away.

Day 24 – I’m thankful for afternoons with my mom. I’m thankful that I get along with my mom when so many people do not get along with their mothers. I’m thankful that my mom lives close so we can spend the afternoon together. I like my mom. She’s a great friend and a great person. I’m also thankful she calls me on Thursdays/Fridays exasperated that she “hasn’t talked to me all week.”

Day 25 – I’m thankful for helpful people. It really renews your sense of belief in human kind. Just the people that hold the door, give you a smile, or offer to help carry something heavy. I have seen customer service decline drastically in my lifetime. I’m thankful that some sense of helping others has still survived.

Day 26 – I’m thankful for being impulsive. I am terrible at being impulsive. I ponder and fret and research and research again and consider and ponder and fret and then do some more research. Yup…I’m that guy. I’m thankful that once and a while I can just let loose and be impulsive. I had a break from court on Tues 11/26 that was about 3 hours long. I took that time to drive to a mall that is about 5 miles from the courthouse to just do some browsing. I let my impulsiveness overcome me and bought DH and I each a new fleece from EMS (eastern mountain sports — I HIGHLY recommend). I was going to save DH’s for Christmas, but decided to give it to him right away. He was skeptical (its red), but now he’s worn it for two days and keeps saying how much he loves it.

Day 27 – I’m thankful that I’ve found a form of exercise I like and place that I like going to exercise. I started working with Lily at Bodies by Brezler back in August and I am so glad I finally bit the bullet. I love it. I love using the TRX and weight training with Lily and am now halfway through a boot camp with another trainer at the studio. I seriously love it. DH even said he doesn’t care that its more expensive than other gyms because I am so happy and have so much energy on the days I go and even the days following.

Day 28 – I’m thankful for Thanksgiving with family. My aunt has worked retail my entire life. The store she works at is opening tonight at 7p. I am so thankful that for most of my life we were able to have Thanksgiving that was uninterrupted by retail and marketing and whatever else. I am thankful to be able to sit down and have a meal with family members. I enjoy the time I spend with them and it is many of these meals that stick out in my memories.

Day 29 – I’m thankful for black friday sales. I love a good sale. ’nuff said.

Day 30 – I’m thankful for scheduling. I know…so anti-climatic. See all those earlier days for my sappy thankfuls. I’m thankful that my friends take the time to fit me into their schedule and let me be a part of their lives. I’m especially thankful to be able to give back to my friends in the same way. I hope that I offer them as much as they offer me. But I’m thankful for having a full schedule with places to go and people to see and that I need to SCHEDULE time to just be home and relax.


So that’s it…that’s my 30 days of Thankful for 2013. It’s not very running based, despite what my year has been. But…its my life.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!