Races 9 & 10 and planning for the next steps

Last weekend I completed two of my 13 races for 2013.


This was my first attempt at back to back racing and I have to say…I’m not a fan. I don’t know that I’ll be doing another set like this. Perhaps if I can commit to training a little better it would be easier (okay so it definitely would), but my beef came mostly with the whole…wasting precious Disney time “prepping,” “refueling,” “resting,” and “recovering” from two races. I like to hit the parks hard and this just wasn’t possible!


Onto the races! I will post some full recaps of the races as well as our entire trip, but just to fill you in, here’s what I finished!


First up was the Disneyland 10k. (before and after)ImageImage


And! The Disneyland Half Marathon (which means I completed the Disney Dumbo Double Dare challenge AND The Disney Coast to Coast Challenge):



Anywho…now that those two are done there are only 3 races left for my 2013 self challenge!

In October I will run the Hershey Half Marathon and in November I have the Philly Half Marathon (part of the Philadelphia Marathon weekend).  I still need to choose my final race. I am considering the Marine Corps Marathon 10k at the end of October, but I haven’t fully decided yet!


I am not really “training” for the next few races for the year. Instead I am full-force training for January 2014 for the WDW Marathon — my first every Marathon. I really want to finish strong so training and eating right is going to be super important over the next four months.

Here’s my plan:


Wk 1 – MWF – rest, TR – 3.1 miles, S – TRX, U – 6.2

Wk 2 – MF – rest, TR – 3.1 miles, WS – TRX, U – 8

Wk 3 – MF – rest, TR – 3.1 miles, WS – TRX,  U- 10

Wk 4 – MF – rest, TR – 3.1 miles, W – TRX, S-TRX?, U – 5

After wk 4, everything it tentative and hinges on the class schedule at my gym.

Wk 5 – MR – 3.1 miles, TU- rest, WS- TRX?, F – 12

Wk 6 – MF – Rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U- 13.1 @ Hershey Half Marathon

Wk 7 – MF – Strength/rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U – 6.2

Wk 8 – MF – Rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U – 16

Wk 9 – MF – Strength/rest, TR-6.2, WS – TRX, U – 6.2

Wk 10 – MF – Rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U-13.1 @ Philly Half Marathon

Wk 11 – MF – Rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U – 18

Wk 12 – MF – strength/rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U – 10

Wk 13 – MF – rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U – 20

Wk 14 – MF – strength/rest, TR – 6.2, WS – TRX, U – 10

Wk 15 – MF – Rest, TR- 6.2, WS- TRX, U – 22

Wk 16 – MF – strength/rest, TR-6.2, WS- TRX, U – 12

Wk 17 – MF – rest, TR-6.2, WS- TRX, U – 12

Wk 18 – MFS – rest, TR-6.2, W-TRX – 26.2 @ WDW Marathon!

Wk 19 – MTWRFSU – rest :o)



See ya real soon with some more recaps and updates and whatnot!





Race Day Essentials

I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to running. I don’t have a ton of tech and I’m not big on gear. I like it simple. However, I like quality items.


I thought I’d share my race day essentials. These are the items I’ll be packing in my carry-on luggage next week when we depart for California. We are attempting to pack entirely in carry-on luggage, but know that’s going to be difficult. I’ll be running two races (10k and half) for the Dumbo Double Dare so I will need two running outfits and am going to bring two pairs of sneakers — which take up room!


Anyway, onto my list!


1. Running shoes — I feel strongly that you should go and get fitted for running shoes. Everyone needs something different and its helpful to have someone who know what they are doing show you what should fit, then let you test out a bunch and find the sweet spot for what works for you. Even as a beginner, getting fitted is important. If you invest in NOTHING else, get good shoes.


My current shoe of choice is the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9.

Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 9

I used to wear (and still wear my old ones while I phase them out) the Asics 2100 series. However, Asics made some adjustments to this shoe in their new version. I still like it, but the Mizuno Wave Inspire just felt lighter and fit a little better.



2. A good sports bra — again, for me (a female) this is essential. A sports bra, can make or break a run. Good support and good fit will help you get through the long runs. I personally really like the TaTaTamer II from Lululemon. While I definitely empathize with those who have issues with lululemon and their sizing limits, the bottom line is, this is the best sports bra I have found. Until I find something equally good or better, I’m going to keep buying it.  If you are smaller chested, a sports bra probably isn’t a big of a deal – just get something that won’t move around or rub. For the bigger chested (I’m on the bigger side at a 32D) good support is also important. I like the TaTaTAmer because it offers good support, adjustable straps and also has a clasp closer (easy off after the race — none of that crazy yoga move crap to get off a sweaty bra).

Ta Ta Tamer II


3. Good socks. Seriously, go buy yourself some non-cotton socks. I rock Under Armour Nylon/Acrylic socks in neon colors. That’s just how I roll… They also come in White if you’re boring like that. Don’t even try to wear cotton socks. You WILL get blisters. Bad ones…ask my Sister in Law.

4. Shorts, pants, capris — your bottoms of choice. I used to run only in shorts. Then I bought a pair of Under Armour Heat Gear capris and have been running mostly in those for races. They wick away moisture and heat (they are also good for my TRX/personal training). They also suck everything in so nothing’s jiggling around while you’re trying to focus on running. For my upcoming races I’ll be rocking some shorts for the 10k and a pair of capris for the half. Get what works for you. Heck, if you’re just starting out wear sweatpants, no one’s gonna care. After a while you will understand the benefits of clothes made for the sport, but if you’re just getting out there are on a budget, wear whatever you have. I have a friend who recently started running and had been wearing yoga pants — no problem. For her first race though, I convinced her to go get a pair of capris to run in as they will be much more comfortable!

5. Underwear — speaking of bottoms, eh hem…the underwear part is really up to you. I personally can’t do the whole commando thing, but I know a lot of people do. I used to just run in normal cotton underwear, but I recently invested in some nylon briefs for my upcoming races. We’ll see if they make a difference…

6. Shirt — again, this is up to you and will depend on the weather. I am not a big fan of tanks, but I know a lot of people prefer them. For me, I like a looser fitted tee. I don’t want to worry about something moving around (like a tight tee or tank might do). Sometimes I will layer a tank over a tee or a jacket or long-sleeve. It just depends. But yeah… I really lean towards a looser fitted tee. I’ve been wearing Under Armour heat gear for my races. I tend to get overheated and these help out with that. Even if its cool outside, I’ll layer something over them.

7. A reliable hairband and a headband. Hair is always in a ponytail or braid. There’s this chick who runs near my work and leaves her hair down and it just looks so awkward and uncomfortable.  Ponytail…trust me.  I use goody hairbands that have a rubberized effect so they stay in place. Then I add a headband to keep fly-aways out of my face. I used to use goody brand, but bit the bullet and got myself some Sparkly Soul headbands for the upcoming races. I’ve been wearing them around the house and working out to make sure they won’t give me a headache. So far I’m loving them. They stay in place great but I barely feel them on my head!

8. Sunglasses. If you’re going to run during the day, I am a big proponent of eye protection. The sunlight can damage your eyes. My mom has issues with pressure in her eyes and has been instructed to wear sunglasses whenever she is outside. I have concerns that I will have issues when I am older so I try to wear sunglasses as much as possible. I have a pair of Tifosi sunglasses with yellow-tinted lenses. I personally don’t like black lenses and always lean towards a brown lense. These are along those lines, but they will darken if the sun is brighter. They are also polarized so the glare is minimal. Your sunglasses should fit snug so they block sun from both the front and side and won’t bounce around. Try some different ones on and try leaning over to make sure they won’t fall off your face.

9. Bodyglide or anti-chafe. I didn’t use to use this stuff at all. However, I’ve been using it to rub between my toes, on my heels and under a few areas of my bra to make sure there isn’t any unnecessary rubbing during the race. Johnson and Johnson also make an anti-blister stick that I find works very well.

10. Gels, goos, hydration, etc. I never used to use this stuff either. However, after our ten-miler last year when I got dehydrated mid-run, I started carrying it. I like Clif Shot blocks. I also try to drink whatever sports drink they have on course or  drink the water only and bring extra shot blocks or another fuel that I like. I am still testing around and feeling stuff out. You need to figure out what you like and then try running or exercising to make sure you won’t have GI issues. Luckily I haven’t had many GI issues while running…they hit me before and after the race, but hold steady when I’m actually out on the course.

11. Plastic baggie — to put your cell phone, camera, key, etc in and keep them sweat free.

12. Belt – wear a spi belt with a kanga pouch to keep my cell phone, key, money, id and fuel in. I don’t wear it for shorter runs, but for a 10k or longer I’ll def have the spi belt on. For my half I’ve been wearing both.  I DO NOT Carry water or drink with me for a race.

13. Flip flops — I pack flip flops in my checked bag or in the car to change into post-run.

14. Post-run snacks — again either in the checked bag or in the car I will keep some water bottles and/or some snacks just in case what they’re handing out stinks. I have been finishing my races either with a growling stomach right away or within 15-20 minutes I’m starving.

15. Camera — umm pre and post-race photos are a must. To prove I was there.


That’s it. This is my list for half marathons. For shorter runs I take much less.


What’s on your race essentials list??





How much does it cost to “Run Disney” for a year?

Early this morning we had a HUGE thunderstorm roll through — around 5am for about an hour or so. The thunder boomed so loud it woke DH and I up.

Then I laid there and couldn’t fall back asleep. It got me thinking…how much would it cost to Run every Disney Race for a full year?


So that’s what I’m going to figure out today!

I’m going to calculate based on 2014 with the caveat that some of these are still 2013 prices since they haven’t been updated yet! I will also assume you are booking the day the events are released and will get the cheapest price listed.

I’ll exclude transport, but include resort stays at a value resort price and park tickets for each day that there is a race. Oh! And, including adult races only (no kids races).



Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: (Total – $1143)

Dopey Challenge (includes 5k, 10k, 1/2, and full marathon) $495

Value Resort Stay (Wed-Sun): $340

Park Tickets (5 days): $308


Disneyland Tinkerbell Weekend: (Total – $1263)

Tinker bell 1/2 Marathon: $175

Tinker bell 10K: $95

Resort Stay @ Paradise Pier (Fri – Sun): $783

Tickets (3 days): $210



Disney Princess Half Marathon: (total- $804)

Glass Slipper Challenge: $270

Value Resort Stay (Fri – Sun): $255

Park Tickets (3 Days): $279



Expedition Everest Challenge: (Total- $391)

Individual Registration: $110

Value Resort Stay (1 night): $85

Park Ticket (2 Days): $196



Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: (Total – $1039)

Dumbo Double Dare (10k and Half) : $280

Paradise Pier Resort Stay (2 nights): $554

Park Tickets (3 days): $205



Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-miler: (Total – $ 416)

10-miler Registration: $135

Value Resort Stay (1 night): $85

Park Tickets (2 days): $196



Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend:(Total – $456)

Registration: $175

Value Resort Stay (1 night): $85

Park Tickets (2 days): $196


Race Totals:

WDW Marathon Weekend: $1143

Tinker Bell Half Weekend $1263

Princess Half Weekend $804

Everest Challenge Weekend $391

Disneyland Half Weekend $1039

Tower of Terror Weekend $416

Wine and Dine Half Weekend $456

Total to Run Disney for a year: $5512


Seem like a lot? These are in and out, no extra days costs so you’re probably looking to at least DOUBLE that cost if you want to stay longer, or take someone else along. And, don’t forget you gotta pay for transportation and food!


Looks like I won’t be running full disney for a year anytime soon!





13 in 13 Update!

Here is my 13 in 13 list updated:

1. 2/24/2013 – Half Marathon: Walt Disney World, Florida – Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013

2. 3/23/2013 – 5k: Carlisle, PA — Harvest Health 5k Color Splash

3. 4/14/2013 – 10k: Hershey, PA — Hershey 10k

4. 4/28/2013- Half Marathon: Washington, D.C. — Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

5. 5/18/2013 – 5k: Grantville, PA – Movie Madness 5k

6. 6/1/2013 – 5k: Harrisburg, PA — William F. Foran Colon Cancer Prevention 5k

7. 7/14/2013 – 5k: Philadelphia, PA — The Color Run Philadelphia

8. 8/3/2013 – 5k: Wampum, PA — Run For Your Lives 5k and Zombie Shift

9. 8/31/2013 – 10k: Anaheim, PA – Disneyland 10k

10. 9/1/2013 – Half Marathon: Anaheim, PA – Disneyland Half Marathon

(Completes Disney’s Dumbo Double Dare AND Coast to Coast Challenge)

11. 10/20/2013 – Half Marathon: Hershey, PA — Hershey Half Marathon

12. 11/17/2013 – Half Marathon: Philadelphia, PA — Philadelphia Half Marathon (Part of Philadelphia Marathon weekend)

13. ??? Any suggestions ???

Event #6


Looks like I missed posting about my 6th event!


On June 1 I completed the Colon Cancer Prevention 5k in Harrisburg, PA with my mom, aunt and sister-in-law. My maternal grandmother passed away from colon cancer before I was born. Now there is a ton more information available to help with colon cancer prevention and early detection (get your colonoscopy!)

This was a nice, easy 5k. It was both SIL and I’s SLOWEST 5k ever, but still a nice walk. My mom and Aunt lagged back. We really tried to stay with them, but ended up not being able to … even at my slowest walk pace.

It was fun and I like supporting this cause.



7/13 Done!!

I finished my 7th event for my 13 in 13 challenge.


This was the Philly Color Run!



Somehow this race got lost in my calendar. I kept forgetting about it and was focusing so much on races 9 & 10 at Disneyland. Race #8 also kept creeping its way overtop #7 as that is a two-parter “Run For Your Lives” 5k and we’ll be doing a Zombie shift in the afternoon.


Anyway…color run (see it just isn’t popping out in my mind).

Early last week I realized I hadn’t booked a hotel room yet and DH wouldn’t be able to come down with me because of our puppy. I sent an email to friends and family to see if anyone wanted to join for a last minute trip to the City of Brotherly Love. No real takers,  but my mom happened to be going to a work conference on Sunday in King of Prussia, PA so she offered to come down a day early and hang out. I ended up booking a room at the same hotel as her conference and when we arrived we set it up so that she could just stay in that room rather than transferring.

On Sat 7/13 we woke up and took our puppy to the vet to learn how to properly clean his ears. His left ear had been a bit dirty looking and we were concerned about an infection. Turns out he had a yeast infection so we got meds for that, got meds for the belly rash he has had on and off for awhile now, and also were advised to start feeding him a bit more as he seemed a little on the skinny side.


We jetted home and my parents met us at our house. We switched all the bags (my mom overpacked for her conference) to my car and mom and I were on our way.

We drove straight to the IKEA Conshohocken where we grabbed lunch right away before doing some shopping. I was planning to head to REI also, but wasn’t in the mood so we just went to the hotel where we checked in and dropped off our bags. Next was Sports Authority in KOP for packet pick-up and then onto my favorite — King of Prussia Mall.

We did quite a bit of shopping (hit 10,000 steps on my new fitbit for the first time!) and then had dinner at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery before heading back to the hotel to rest up. By shopping I mean walking around and looking. I ended up not buying anything on Saturday except for a few odds and ends at IKEA.

I had set the alarm for 430am for Sunday to be sure I had time to get to the race by 630 before the road closures begin. As usual before an event, I barely slept. We arrived at the Mann Music Center/Please touch museum right around 6a. Mom and I walked around and explored a bit before the race start. I kept trying to get through to Disney to make my Advance Dining Reservations for January (Sunday was my 180 mark for our trip’s arrival! That means today is 181 days until our marathon – eek!).

Finally people started lining up around 645. I got in the starting shoot early and worked my way up front to be in the second wave of runners.

We were let out shortly after 7a and right into a yellow color splash! This is where I realized you should definitely bring a bandana and sunglasses to the race. It wasn’t so hard to hold you breath to run through, but there is no way you can close your eyes!

There was a big lull of nothingness for awhile before we hit the remaining colors (apparently there is an aboretum or something nearby that they had to avoid having color near). The second color was pink/red and I got hit with a squirt bottle on my right arm. B/c of the color and my sweat I couldn’t tell if I was bleeding for if it was paint (turns out it was paint, but I have a nice bruise). Finally it was blue then orange back-to-back before crossing the finish line. My mom was right at the finish line and caught a photo of me waving. Unfortunately, she’s at the conference until tomorrow or Wed so I don’t have access to it.

She told me there was a stand giving out Popsicles so we headed there next. That was so good. Seriously, they should hand these out at every race. And, for long races, every few miles along the course.


I ended up not having a ton of color on me at the end. Other runners must have stopped and asked to be hit dead on. I ran through the color stations slowly and you can see how that worked out. I was a bit surprised b/c I felt like i was COVERED.


We sat down on a bench and I booked my ADRs. The poor cast member must have thought I was insane… Then headed back to the hotel so I could shower.


Overall, I enjoyed it. I think I would enjoy it more if I had friends or family members running with me, but it was still nice to see what its like!


Update (since its been awhile…):

I failed miserably at the Runner’s World Streaking Challenge. I just keep putting it off and procrastinating. Last week I gave it a go and started doing some running on my injured foot. I ended up feeling better in a basic insert rather than the one from the podiatrist. My foot has been a little tender (more stiff I guess), but I’ve been working on stretching and rolling it with the gaiam spikey ball I bought a few weeks back.

DH and I are really feeling the pudge lately and trying to decide how to fix it. We both want to get in shape, but having hit our tipping point with life changes. Our age (28 and 29) are catching up to us and our metabolism isn’t as strong as they used to be. So…yeah. Running will help. Eating better will help. Sleeping better will help. But, you have to actually do those things. ::sigh::


See you in a few weeks when we are transformed into ZOMBIES!


Race 5 Done!

Race 5 of the year is done!

This morning I completed a 5k in Grantville, PA called Movie Madness.

…against doctor’s orders. woops. :oP


Actually, here’s the whole story:


Back in April, I ran two races essentially back to back — the Hershey 10k and the Nike Women’s Half DC. The last leg of the DC race and for several days afterward, I had terrible pain in my foot. I had been having trouble with it for about 6 months or so, but just kept ignoring it because it would come and go. But after the race and looking at my schedule for the year, I realized I should probably go talk to someone. First things first, head to the family doctor. The nurse practitioner I’ve been seeing took at look at my foot (swelling had subsided by this point). She didn’t see anything obviously wrong, but sent me for xrays. I was able to go the same day and got the results a few days later. The good news is there isn’t a stress fracture (my fear) and nothing that showed upon the xrays. So she sent me to a podiatrist b/c the pain has been pretty bad.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and my visit to the podiatrist. He asked some questions and then started looking at my foot. At first he was looking at the top and pushed a few places and asked if there as tenderness. I said no, expect one spot behind my ankle was a little tender, but not bad. Then he moved to my heel. Holy goodness I about kicked the guy in the face.

The good news is there isn’t anything too serious. The bad news is I have plantar fasciitis. womp womp…

Doctor’s orders:

No running for two weeks

Celebrex for 10 days

Ice every night for two weeks

Stretches every night for two weeks

Insoles for my shoes.


So…then I revealed I was signed up for a 5k in 3 days. He offered to do a cortisone shot and I said I didn’t think it was necessary. However, if the pain is not better in two weeks that’s what I’m looking at. He did say I could run if I did the other stuff and made sure to put my insoles into my running sneakers.


So then comes today. I’m not a big fan of the insoles b/c I can feel them. But maybe that’s the point?

The run went pretty well. I was working on taking it easy and concentrating on my form, especially in my right foot, where the problem is.


I finished. A decent time. I’m happy.


Anyway, any tips for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers? If you’ve seen my schedule for the year you know I’ve got a lot on the calendar and want to get this under control now.


Thanks for reading!