Seriously… what’s going on?


First its all the residual stomach stuff that happens whenever something sets off my normal food/sleep routine.


Then!! Last week I was leaving work and my throat started bugging me. I’ve been dealing with a cold ever since.


I will say this! I tried Cold-Eeze (sp?) and it is A-MAZ-ING!! Seriously…pretty much felt better within a day. The congestion is still lingering but the achey-ness and everything else subsided.


I also want to tell you about the brand Olbas that I have been using for awhile now whenever I get a cold. I really like the Olbas natural inhaler, Lozenges and oil. I highly recommend checking these out if you are feeling under the weather or dealing with some congestion.


I did still make it to the gym on Wed and will be heading back on Saturday.


Next week we kick-start some serious life re-haul. We will be doing (by We I mean Me and DH gets the benefit) mostly homemade food. Then starting 10/7 we will start a week/2 week vegan streak. AS of 9/30 we will also be trying to do meatless mondays for at least the month of October, but hopefully until the end of the year.


My weight has been inching back up so its time to kick it into full gear and get us  healthy and happy. We need to get the routine in place and then everything will be easier.


See ya real soon!