November catch-up!

I’m posting like crazy this morning!

Here’s where I stand with my November goals:

1- Start boot camp. Done. I just did by 5th of 12 classes yesterday. I am REALLY enjoying this and its a definite mood booster. I’m also seeing some change in my body which is awesome!

2 – Train with my trainer. This one has been a little more difficult. I did get in a training session on Wed, but the remainder of the month has been rough — my trainer had a procedure which took her out of commission for a few days. Then I was busy and away for work stuff. Its on my schedule for this week though! So 2 of 4 weeks for Nov!

3 – Add in an extra class each week. I had signed up for a TRX class on thurs this week, but bailed. I was just too exhausted. We were also hosting Thanksgiving for DH’s family on Sat evening so I used the time to do some of the prep work. I did a TRX class the week I couldn’t train with my trainer and I’m signed up for a yoga class this Fri (day after thanksgiving).

4 – Run -well…epic fail. This week I want to run at least 2x. Then try to pick it up to 3x starting next week. I NEED to do this if I’m going to survive the WDW Marathon in January. I have researched some stretches for my hip so I’m going to be working on those too.

5 – tracking my food — epic fail. I looked at my food journal a couple times. And, I’ve been trying to be more aware. I just haven’t been writing it down. Maybe I’ll get to it this week. Otherwise, I’ll add it to my Dec goals.

6 – Fitbit — I did this! and then I took it off and forgot to put it back on. I’m going to charge it today and put it back on for the week tomorrow morning.

7 – Homemade food – well…we are working on this. Its always a work in process. I did pack my lunch three days this week. Which is HUGE b/c work has been VERY stressful the last two weeks.

8 – Host Thanksgiving for DH’s family — DONE and a success. We had 9 adults, two kids and a baby. The worse part was that we ended up putting puppers in his crate most of the evening. More for his own protection — from kids who don’t have dogs and food scraps left on the floor (FYI – Sage and nutmeg are dangerous for dogs).

9 – Survive T-Day #2 without gaining too much weight — well have to wait and see on that one. Boot camp halfway weigh in is on Sat 11/30!

10 – Fundraising for spring 2014 TNT — I’m working on setting up a vendor fair on 12/7 so this one is going well!


Welp! That’s my catch up!