January Goal Recap and February Goals!

January Recap:

1- Bootcamp — well I started and made it to the first two classes, then missed 3 for vacation, one for snow, one for my Team in Training kick-off and one for being sick. I got back into it on Saturday and am planning to make it for the remainder of them! I looooove bootcamp!

2 – Marathon — I attempted and didn’t succeed. I’m in the process of picking out my next marathon to attempt and have signed up for some physical therapy to figure out what’s going on with my hip and knee. See my marathon trip part two blog post for more info on what happened during the race.

3 – Push-ups — haven’t even tried this.

4 – Skier stomps — again, no attempt here. We did these on Sat and I feel like I’m doing better, but my goodness do they hurt!

5 – Fitness/Health plan — still working on this one. Life kind of got in the way, but its on my radar as something to get sorted out!

6 – Finances — umm..yeah. Need to do better with this. Again, life got in the way.

7 – House fix-up. We are working on this slowly and steadily. I sorted out my closet and have a large pile (several bags actually) for good-will. I also sorted all my old magazines. I still have a TON to do to get the house ready for sale, but I’m working on it.

8 -Work – apparently going on vacation is good for  business. I’ve been super busy at work and we had our best month ever for gross income.

9 – Relax – Life kind of forced me into this with a nasty cold!

10 – Food – we’re working on this one too!

I cannot believe how fast January flew by! We had New Year’s and then a rush to get ready and head off for our vacation in Florida! Before we knew it we were back home (missed our Oscar Winkerbean — dog — terribly!). Then it was a big project at working and getting everything sorted out there from being away. By Wed of our first week back I started coughing and then lost my voice. Headed to the Dr. to get my hip/knee checked (nothing broken, nothing torn, PT it is…). The cough turned into a cold and a week of DH working REALLY late getting ready for the state budget stuff. And then it was February. What?! How’d that happen???

February Goals: I’m gonna keep it simple and cut back to five for this month.

1 – House – tackle one big house project each weekend.

2 – Food – More homemade, less processed (duh…I’m always trying!)

3 – Finances – Cut back on spending (seriously) and try to bank some extra buck this month.

4 – Physical Health – Finish up boot camp and keep up with training for my TNT event this spring (10k).

5 – Mental Health – More book/magazine reading. I like to read before I fall asleep and I want to get back into this habit. It helps me relax and sleep better.


Welp! That’s it for me for now… stay tuned for more on my marathon trip and some other fun goodies I have planned!


December Goals!

Wow! Can you believe it is December already? Where did the year go?

I wrapped up my 13 in 13 challenge on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and am glad it is over. I need to take a step back and slow down a bit. Well…focus on this marathon and then slow down, but not sign up for so much!

The remainder of the weekend was filled with quite a few shocks.

A neighbor of our’s passed away in his sleep at the age of 31.

Our dear friends announced they will be adding to their family.

Paul Walker died.

Our puppers got bit by another dog at the dog park.

So yes…very restful and uneventful weekend, huh?


Anyways, we did get to spend time with family and friends throughout the weekend. My mom and I did our “Black Friday” shopping and got our 8th Costco cookbook. We usually go out around 9/10a on Friday..it seems to be a lull in the crazies on Black Friday. And, we did some resting and relaxing and snuggling up with the puppers.


So onto my December goals!

1. Finish boot camp — we just finished workout 7 of 12. Saturday will be our mid-point weigh-in (moved from this past Saturday). I am really enjoying it!

2. Train with my trainer – I wrapped up 10 sessions with my trainer and am going to book another 10. I’d like to get in there at least once a week to train.

3. Run/Cardio 2-3 times per week — I NEED to get more cardio endurance in before the marathon in January!

4. Track my food — every day this month! I’m working on this!

5. Get 5k steps per day on my fitbit — Some days I rock it and knock out 10k before lunch. Other days I’m lucky if I hit 2k. I’m shooting for 5k/day as a goal for December!

6. Eat more homemade and less processed food — We did pretty well with this in early November and fell off the bandwagon for the end with all of our many events and scheduling issues! I’m writing up a food plan tonight!

7. Successful fundraising event for Spring 2014 TNT — Our event is schedule for Dec 7 as a holiday vendor shopping event. We have 10 or 11 vendors lined up so far and are hoping to get some good foot traffic!

8. Get decorated for the holidays by 12/8! Tree is up, ornaments are ready to go on, decor is pulled out…just gotta get it up! I also ordered our Christmas cards today so we are on target with that too!

9. Put together a 2014 budget by 12/16 — We need a budget and we need to stick to it. We are fine financially, but want to make some changes in the near future so getting used to a budget will be good for us!

10. Spend time with family and friends! A MUST anytime of year, but especially around the holidays!


Welp, that’s it!

What’s on your goals list for December?


November catch-up!

I’m posting like crazy this morning!

Here’s where I stand with my November goals:

1- Start boot camp. Done. I just did by 5th of 12 classes yesterday. I am REALLY enjoying this and its a definite mood booster. I’m also seeing some change in my body which is awesome!

2 – Train with my trainer. This one has been a little more difficult. I did get in a training session on Wed, but the remainder of the month has been rough — my trainer had a procedure which took her out of commission for a few days. Then I was busy and away for work stuff. Its on my schedule for this week though! So 2 of 4 weeks for Nov!

3 – Add in an extra class each week. I had signed up for a TRX class on thurs this week, but bailed. I was just too exhausted. We were also hosting Thanksgiving for DH’s family on Sat evening so I used the time to do some of the prep work. I did a TRX class the week I couldn’t train with my trainer and I’m signed up for a yoga class this Fri (day after thanksgiving).

4 – Run -well…epic fail. This week I want to run at least 2x. Then try to pick it up to 3x starting next week. I NEED to do this if I’m going to survive the WDW Marathon in January. I have researched some stretches for my hip so I’m going to be working on those too.

5 – tracking my food — epic fail. I looked at my food journal a couple times. And, I’ve been trying to be more aware. I just haven’t been writing it down. Maybe I’ll get to it this week. Otherwise, I’ll add it to my Dec goals.

6 – Fitbit — I did this! and then I took it off and forgot to put it back on. I’m going to charge it today and put it back on for the week tomorrow morning.

7 – Homemade food – well…we are working on this. Its always a work in process. I did pack my lunch three days this week. Which is HUGE b/c work has been VERY stressful the last two weeks.

8 – Host Thanksgiving for DH’s family — DONE and a success. We had 9 adults, two kids and a baby. The worse part was that we ended up putting puppers in his crate most of the evening. More for his own protection — from kids who don’t have dogs and food scraps left on the floor (FYI – Sage and nutmeg are dangerous for dogs).

9 – Survive T-Day #2 without gaining too much weight — well have to wait and see on that one. Boot camp halfway weigh in is on Sat 11/30!

10 – Fundraising for spring 2014 TNT — I’m working on setting up a vendor fair on 12/7 so this one is going well!


Welp! That’s my catch up!