Event #6


Looks like I missed posting about my 6th event!


On June 1 I completed the Colon Cancer Prevention 5k in Harrisburg, PA with my mom, aunt and sister-in-law. My maternal grandmother passed away from colon cancer before I was born. Now there is a ton more information available to help with colon cancer prevention and early detection (get your colonoscopy!)

This was a nice, easy 5k. It was both SIL and I’s SLOWEST 5k ever, but still a nice walk. My mom and Aunt lagged back. We really tried to stay with them, but ended up not being able to … even at my slowest walk pace.

It was fun and I like supporting this cause.



Race 5 Done!

Race 5 of the year is done!

This morning I completed a 5k in Grantville, PA called Movie Madness.

…against doctor’s orders. woops. :oP


Actually, here’s the whole story:


Back in April, I ran two races essentially back to back — the Hershey 10k and the Nike Women’s Half DC. The last leg of the DC race and for several days afterward, I had terrible pain in my foot. I had been having trouble with it for about 6 months or so, but just kept ignoring it because it would come and go. But after the race and looking at my schedule for the year, I realized I should probably go talk to someone. First things first, head to the family doctor. The nurse practitioner I’ve been seeing took at look at my foot (swelling had subsided by this point). She didn’t see anything obviously wrong, but sent me for xrays. I was able to go the same day and got the results a few days later. The good news is there isn’t a stress fracture (my fear) and nothing that showed upon the xrays. So she sent me to a podiatrist b/c the pain has been pretty bad.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and my visit to the podiatrist. He asked some questions and then started looking at my foot. At first he was looking at the top and pushed a few places and asked if there as tenderness. I said no, expect one spot behind my ankle was a little tender, but not bad. Then he moved to my heel. Holy goodness I about kicked the guy in the face.

The good news is there isn’t anything too serious. The bad news is I have plantar fasciitis. womp womp…

Doctor’s orders:

No running for two weeks

Celebrex for 10 days

Ice every night for two weeks

Stretches every night for two weeks

Insoles for my shoes.


So…then I revealed I was signed up for a 5k in 3 days. He offered to do a cortisone shot and I said I didn’t think it was necessary. However, if the pain is not better in two weeks that’s what I’m looking at. He did say I could run if I did the other stuff and made sure to put my insoles into my running sneakers.


So then comes today. I’m not a big fan of the insoles b/c I can feel them. But maybe that’s the point?

The run went pretty well. I was working on taking it easy and concentrating on my form, especially in my right foot, where the problem is.


I finished. A decent time. I’m happy.


Anyway, any tips for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers? If you’ve seen my schedule for the year you know I’ve got a lot on the calendar and want to get this under control now.


Thanks for reading!