Smorgasburg 4/1/16

Way back at the beginning of April we ventured up to NYC to visit with friends. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives who open their doors and clear their schedules to spend time with us. For this trip we were able to spend the weekend at our friends’ new home in The Rockaways! Unfortunately the weather was bit dreary so we didn’t spend anytime on the beach. Instead we traveled into Brooklyn to hang out at Smorgasburg!

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We spent a few hours walking around the food festival just eating small bites and chatting. Our friend was the first to imbibe and picked up these delicious looking Duck Rinds!



Jon was very into the foods and picked up several options including this chicken tikka steamed bun.


We rounded out the afternoon by chowing down on these Wow-fuls! The wait was 45 mins to order and then another 45 mins until our food was ready! But man…totally worth the wait! We had a vanilla wow-ful with coconut ice cream and topped with strawberries. I added a chocolate drizzle to mine and they came with some strawberry pocky (one was sacrified to the ground after the hubs dug in a little too anxiously!


We left smorgasburg and headed of to find a place to get some drinks and maybe a few more snacks. Our first stop crapped out when they wouldn’t let us in because I was carrying the box of cookies seen above and our friend had a bourbon cake in a to-go box. Apparently they do not allow any outside food, even in packages. Crazy. So we just walked around looking for somewhere else and happened upon a cool little place that I never got the name of! They had THE. BEST. FRIED. PICKLES. I have ever had. Oh man… so good.


After some bagels the next morning we headed back home.

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