WDW Marathon: Next Steps

Now that the Marathon is officially over and all the hullabaloo is done, what is next?!

Well, in my personal life…we are all moved into our new home (well our stuff is moved in but not put away). So that means we’re back in our own space and have only ourselves to worry about schedule-wise.

I am fairly settled in my job (5 months in) so that is good.

Running-wise I’ve gotten my BIG goal for the year done (yay for January goals!) already by finishing the marathon so that makes things “easier” and allows me to set some new goals.

I also just signed up as a BeachBody Coach. I have kept a bit quiet the last few months as I tried out the 21 day fix and really liked the program. I highly recommend checking it out. If you’re interested I am happy to provide more info. But I just like that its about clean eating, but realistically. I didn’t follow it precisely and ended up using about 7.5 lbs after two rounds. And that’s with very limited following of the exercises…mostly just the food stuff and even that was a little free given the holiday indulgences.

So now that things are a little more in place I’m hoping to get a blogging schedule worked up and actually stick with it. What would you like to see on a blog??


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