WDW Marathon 2015: Week 25 Training

I have some news for you… your MARATHON is only 2.5 weeks away. Yup! That’s it. So right now you’re either super duper nervous (like me), or super duper excited!! Or, you just can’t wait for it to be over!

Either way, the HOME STRETCH IS HERE!!! Just hang tight, don’t get sick and don’t get injured for the next 2.5 weeks and you are golden!

And remember, YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

So in other news, we’ve had quite the busy December, but mostly the last week has been jam-packed. We got a call from our Realtor last week that a home had been put back onto the market (it was originally listed in February, under contract in March and then sat for 5 months b/c of a deed issue — it’s bank owned). So it just came back on the market and was only slightly above our max price for pre-approval. So we took a look at the photos and liked it a lot and scheduled a visit for Tues. That’s when the hubs fell in love (I like it too, don’t worry, he was just really excited about it). So Wed we put in an offer, then did a bunch of back and forth with the bank through Friday when we found out someone else put in an offer. So we waited out the weekend and got a counter back from the bank. We just weren’t feeling it and were ready to bail and then at like 6p last night our Realtor emailed that we got the house!! Yay! So that means we’ll be moving in less than a month back into a house of our own and out of the in-law’s hair!

Now comes a bunch of paperwork and scheduling and stuff. Eek!

The hubs also came down with a pretty rough stomach bug and was up all night Thursday and off work Friday. He’s feeling better, but hoping no one else gets it!

And, today…today our puppers was taken into the vet for surgery so we’re both a nervous wreck waiting for it to be over and have our fur-baby back home (he comes home tonight, I just always worry about him). He is having his eyes fixed because he has whats called entropian (look it up).

So yeah… that’s our last week…

For this week, here’s what your training should be:

Tues – 45 mins

Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 6 miles

I’m trying to get a long run in tomorrow (Christmas Eve), Friday, and Saturday to make up for a little bit of lost training and then gonna rest and take it easy as we move forward with the next two weeks before DISNEY WORLD!!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a Joyous New Year for 2015!!

See ya next week!


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