WDW Marathon Week 22 Training

Happy Thanksgiving! I know I promised some other posts (and I’ll get to them), but things have been crazy for me. I need to get a better routine locked in.

Anyways! Here’s the schedule for this week!!

RunDisney Goofy Challenge Week 22: I’m putting my plans in parenthesis, keep in mind I’m slow…

Tues – 45 mins (I’ll be doing 4 miles)

Thurs – 45 mins (I’ll be doing 4-6 miles)

Sat – 10 mile walk (I may do this on Fri…haven’t decided yet)

Sun – 23 miles (I may cut this and do 15-20, haven’t decided yet)

How’s you’re training going? Are you all prepped for the holidays?!

WDW Marathon 2015: Week 21 training

Hey guess what?! I forgot to post an update yesterday. Mostly b/c I thought it was Monday for the majority of the day…

Anyway, here’s the plan for this week:

Tues – 45min

Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 7 miles with Magic Mile (see Rundisney.com for info).

See you next week!


New Series: Walt Disney World

Hey! It’s a brand new series!

Remember a few months back when I said new stuff was coming??? Well, here’s the start of it. Things have been a bit more hectic that I’d had hoped so I haven’t been able to get rolling with the new series that I wanted, but this one will start today and run on each Thursday through early January when I head out for the WDW Marathon 2015!

Hope you enjoy!


WDW Marathon Week 19 Training

AH! I am starting to get a bit nervous about the Marathon.

I’m really chill with regards to the half itself, but to take on the Marathon again, and back to back with the half…I don’t know what I was thinking!

I did get a run in last week and started a 21 day fix with Team Beach Body yesterday which includes 30 min work outs each day.

Here’s the training plan for Goofy for this week!

Tues – 45 mins running

Thurs – 45 mins running

Sat – 8.5 miles walking

Sun – 20 miles run/walk

My plan:

Mon – Total Body Cardio (DONE!)

Tues – 4 miles + upper body

Wed – lower body workout

Thurs – 4 miles +pilates

Fri – Cardio Fix

Sat – 6 miles + strength

Sun – 12 miles +30 mins yoga

How is your training coming??