WDW Marathon 2015 Week 16 Training

My this week has flown by. For realz…

I did get one run in last week and felt really good about it. Then life happened again. HOWEVER, i spent Friday night out dancing with friends and according to my fitbit I racked up the equivalent of more than 5 miles just dancing. Then we spent Saturday morning walking all over our alma mater campus. My fitbit had died so I’m not sure how many miles we did, but at minimum 2 miles…probably more like 3-4 would be my guess (its a big campus).

I am currently deliriously tired as we spent last night at the Emergency Vet because our dog decided to gulp down a piece of deer antler at 10pm last night. We didn’t get home until 430 this morning and I was into work by 10a. While they did have to surgically remove the antler (it was sizable), it did come out just fine and he is recovering well and will be coming home with us tonight.

That being said, not sure what I’m doing about a run tonight. I may postpone until tomorrow and do one on Thursday and then long runs on Sat and Sunday.

This week’s schedule:

Tues and Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 7 miles with magic mile

Sun – 17 miles

My plan for this week.

Tues or Wed – 45 mins/3 miles

Thurs – 45 mins or 3 miles

Sat – 8 miles

Sun – 13 miles

By the way…if you want to RunDisney in 2015 there are still marathon and goofy spots open for the 2015 marathon weekend!

In other news… It looks like Tower of Terror 10 miler and Expedition Everest are absent for the 2015-2016 RunDisney calendar year. So if you want to run Expedition Everest — do it in 2015! As for ToT, you are SOL.

Have a great week!


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