WDW Marathon 2015: Week 13 training

Dun dun dun…it’s week 13! Getting close to the halfway mark for training. How is your’s coming along? Hopefully better than mine… womp womp.

Anyways, I did get in a SHORT run on Sunday morning and make it a HIIT run so I could get some extra effort out of it. Good times…felt wonderful all day. I spent most of my weekend cooking in anticipation of the arrival of our new niece, but she’s still not here. At least all the dinners and treats are carefully packed away in the freezer for after she arrives so her mom and dad can take a break from cooking and focus on baby and her big sister.

This week’s plan:

Tues – 45 mins

Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 3 miles

My “get on track” modified schedule:

Tues – 2 miles (evening treadmill)

Wed – hour long strength class

Thurs – 30 mins strength + 2 miles (AM, if I can get my butt up and out of bed)

Sat – 5 miles (evening treadmill)

Sun – 10 miles (hopefully AM)

What are your plans for the week??


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