Healthy Series – Getting Everyone Else On Board

I planned out these posts several months ago and never imagined how relevant a post would be to my current life.

A little background.

I am nearing 30 years old (ah! only 2.5 months of my 20s left!). I graduated high school at 18 and 92 lbs (no I was not anorexic or bulimic or anything else except naturally small/thin). I am 5’3′ and nowhere near that 92 lbs anymore.

It started in college with all of the crap food they feed you on campus combined with a serious case of home-sickness and I packed on a few pounds. Then came a full-time job with several people who ate unhealthy and I gained a little more. Then the real game changer game by going to law school where my penchant for stress eating became a problem and I ballooned up in size (mind you big for me is very small for many). For the past few years my weight has yo-yoed between unhappy but not miserable to miserable. I have not felt “good” with my body for several years. Long story short, I am sick of not feeling good in my own skin.

Fast forward to the last few months.

I lost my job (and as a result lost our mortgage pre-approval), painted our house, cleaned our house, sold our house (record 4 days) and was hired for a new job. The week I started my new job looked like this:

Sat – AM – pack and move load to in-laws

Sat – PM – cousin’s wedding (until 10p)

Sun – AM – Pack/church

Sun – PM – Mini Baby Shower (we call them “sprinkles” when they are for the second baby); Move into in-laws (yeah, we haven’t found a new house yet so thankfully we have a place to go); look at a house (terrible)

Mon – Start new job; head to house after work to pack up more stuff to move

Tues-Thurs – work all day long, then head to our old house in the evening to do more packing (Wed evening we also had a dinner party at my in-laws)

Fri – work until noon; house closing; look at three (atrocious) houses

Sat – surprise visit from DH’s uncle; cleaning up stuff moved to in-laws

Sun-Mon – more cleaning up/settling in

I. Am. Exhausted. Are you tired from reading yet?

Anyway, my point is this. My life has been nutso recently. It is hard to keep your health intact during normal circumstances. Add in all this stress and its REALLY tough! Truly the only way to change your habits or maintain healthy habits is to have a good support system. Its even better if you can get them to actually practice this lifestyle with you, that’s even better. Here are some tips (more lists!).

5 ways to help get your family on board with your healthy habits:

1  -Discuss with your family why you are doing what you are doing. I get a lot of crap about how I say I want to lose weight because I am relatively small compared to the rest of our country. I find people are more receptive when I talk about how I have not felt good and how I am having health issues because I need to eat better. I also find that an attempt to eat “cleaner” or healthier is more well-received than “diet”

2 – Don’t feel like you have to be accommodated. Confession…I know that a lot of carbs and starches aren’t great to eat so I don’t. I just don’t comment on it and just pass the dis along and pile up on the stuff I am able to eat more of. I have long been “perceived” as picky but that’s someone else’s problem, not mine. I do not ask for a special meal to be made for me.

3 – Don’t reveal your master plan. I have slowly been cutting out the starch from our evening meal. Instead we’ll have a lean protein and a lot of veggies. DH doesn’t really notice and its easier for me to skip if I don’t make the rice to begin with.

4 – Learn to be polite. suggest a different restaurant or offer to bring a side dish.

5 – Sometimes they just won’t get it. Ignore them.

How do you get your family on board?

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