WDW Marathong 2015: Week 12 training

This week I am committed to getting in three runs. For serious this time!

I am coming off a rather rough weekend of not feeling well and know that I need to get my butt in gear so I can finish these races when January rolls around.

Lee Hodl’s 16 week Goofy/Dopey training plan starts this week, if you’d rather use that plan!

BTW – Did you see RunDisney is splitting goofy spots to open up a few more half and full marathon spots?? If you’re interested in running either race, get your butt over there STAT! These will go faster than regular race entries.

Here’s what’s scheduled for this week for Goofy training: (my plan in parenthesis)

Mon – Rest

Tues – 45 mins (3-4 miles Treadmill + 30 min strength with Trainer)

Wed – (Cross Training)

Thurs – 45 mins (3-4 miles Treadmill)

Sat – 4 miles (6 miles)

Sun – 13 miles (13 miles)

How’s your training going? Are you modifying the RunDisney Schedule?


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