Healthy Series – Strength Workouts

I have been super bad about keeping up with this series. My sincerest apologies to anyone who reads them. You’re getting inundated today with four posts!

Strength Workouts —

Since you can work on almost any muscle in your body, and that’s a lot of muscles, I’m not going to tell you how to do a strength workout specifically.

Instead here are 3 tips for improving your strength training and 3 Points on why you should incorporate strength (even if you’re an endurance runner — or rather, especially if you’re an endurance runner).

3 TIPS for improving your strength training:

1 Work with a trainer:  Find yourself a good Personal trainer and work with them. Even if you just book a few sessions to learn better form and how to put together a plan, it will help you out! I used to work with a trainer, but she moved away in May. DH and I recently started working with an old friend of mine from high school who is a trainer at a local gym. What I really like is that the new guy tells us exactly what to do, how to fix our form, and why each move/form is important. For example, this past week he had us doing “arms” and was teaching us about different types of drop-sets — one with less weight and one with an easier range of motion. Definitely worth the time and money!

2 Use someone else’s plan. I am all for formulating your own plan and figuring things out that work for you. But, when you are just getting started, find a plan online or work with someone to develop a plan that is already established. I personally like the plans from and from the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises.

3 Find a friend (or at least a mirror). A friend will help motivate you and can tell you if your form is off. A mirror can help you improve your form. Either way, you’ll improve the effectiveness of your workout.

3 Reasons Why you should Strength Train

1 Reduce your risk of injury — Strong muscle help improve your balance and protect your joints from injury. These points are important if you are training for a distance run, and just in general as you age to help maintain your independence.

2 Improve your overall health – Strength training helps maintain weight, builds/maintains muscle mass and strength, decreases osteoporosis, reduces lower back pain, improves core strength (helps with running) and make everyday tasks easier. Today I moved my office desk all by myself…

3 Improve your mental health. Most forms of exercise will help improve your mental health by increasing your endorphins. Strength training is no different. When you increase your endorphins you boost your energy and mood. Many people are able to stop or decrease consumption of antidepressants by increasing daily activity. Plus, you just feel good when you bump up to the next weight!

Do you strength train?


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