WDW Marathon 2015: Week 10 training

Still “moving” stuff around. Our settlement was Friday on our old house and we are busy getting situated at my in-laws. Funny story, my husband tried to take a large box down to their basement yesterday and it tipped over the top of the hand-truck/dolly and went flying down the stairs…smashing several of my vases and my hand-painted bowl that we use at the kitchen sink. My response…oh well and walk away.


I did get a SHORT run in on Saturday morning after doing a weight lifting clinic at our local Gold’s Gym (with my husband!).

This week I’m hoping to get my treadmill set back up so I can get these weeknight runs in without having to adjust our schedule (for the dog).

What’s on tap for this week/week 10?

Tuesday – 45 mins

Thursday – 45 mins

Saturday – 11 miles


My planned week (since I’m playing catch up)

Wed – 1 hour

Thurs – 1 hour

Saturday – 7 miles


How is your training coming along? Are you on-task or are you playing catch up?

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