Fall TV Preview

Its no secret that I am a lover of television. A couch potato maybe, but I do love to watch TV as I run on the treadmill. I have always loved TV and my love just grew in high school and college with drama and film classes, and then after college when I worked at a local TV station. I don’t just mindlessly zone out. For me, it is a study of film as I watch each episode. As you can imagine, Fall TV rollout is like Christmas for me!

I thought it would be fun to give you a little preview of what I’ll be watching (and recording) this fall!


8p – CBS – Big Bang Theory (temporary time slot)

8p – CBS – 2 Broke Girls (once BBT moves to its normal time slot)

8p – FOX – Gotham (NEW)

9p – FOX – Sleepy Hollow

9p – CW – Jane the Virgin (NEW – on the fence with this one)

9p – CBS – Scorpion (NEW – on the fence with this one)

10p – ABC – Castle

10p – NBC – The Blacklist (temporary time slot)

10p – NBC – State of Affairs (once Blacklist moves to its new timeslot — this is a NEW show!)



8p – ABC – Selfie (NEW)

8p – CW – The Flash (NEW – on the fence with this one)

8p – FOX – Utopia (NEW – this will be an “I’m bored, i’ll watch it” show)

830p – ABC – Manhatten Love story (NEW – not sold on this one)

9p – ABC – Marvel Agents of SHIELD

9p – Fox – New Girl

9p – NBC – Marry Me (NEW – thinking this won’t last)

10p – ABC – Forever (NEW – not sold on this one yet)



8p – ABC – The Middle (LOVE THIS SHOW)

8p – CW – The Arrow (we’ve recently been watching this on Netflix)

8p – NBC – The Mysteries of Laura (NEW – not sure this will be any good)

83op – ABC – The Goldbergs (My husband does not like this one, but I love it!)

9p – ABC – Modern Family (hubs isn’t so keen on this one either, but I like it)

9p – CBS – Criminal Minds

9p – NBC – Law and Order: SVU

9p – Fox – Red Band Society (NEW – could go either way)

930p – ABC – Black-ish (NEW – not sure I’ll like this one)

10p – ABC – Nashville (I can’t wait for this to come back!)

10p – CBS – Stalker (NEW)



8p – CBS – Big Bang Theory (regular time slot)

8p – ABC – Grey’s Anatomy

8p – CW – Vampire Diaries (I used to watch this but haven’t for about a season and a half, I would like to get back into it)

9p – ABC – Scandal (seriously, does anyone not like this show?)

9p – FOX – Gracepoint (NEW)

9p – NBC – The Blacklist (regular timeslot starting in Feb)

9p – NBC – Bad Judge (NEW – as an attorney I am thinking this one might annoy me)

93op – NBC – A to Z (NEW – not sure about the concept on this one)

10p – NBC – Parenthood (Final Season!)

10p – ABC – How to get away with murder (NEW – Hoping this one is executed well because it looks really good and the ads are nuts!)


Friday (why are Fridays such a blah night for TV?)

830p – ABC – Cristela (NEW – not sure about this one)

9p – NBC – Grimm (LOVE THIS SHOW)

10p – NBC – Constantine (NEW – a different take on the story/movie that was out a few years back)



Saturday Night Live



8p – ABC – Once Upon a Time

8p – CBS – Madame Secretary (NEW – Super Excited for this show!)

10p – ABC – Revenge

10p – CBS – CSI/CSI:Cyber



What will you be watching this fall???



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