Coming Soon…

A little bit about what’s been going on.

I’ve been so terrible with my posting lately so I thought I’d fill my friendly readers in a little bit and also give you a sneak peak about what’s coming in the future for this blog.

What’s been going on:

I’ve hinted and been downright blunt that things have been a bit crazy and that’s without a doubt the truth.

Back in April I found out that my office was downsizing and I’d be out of a job shortly after the announcement. I was super busy finishing up cases and applying for jobs and have been very stressed about that and about the financial side effects. Add to it some extra stress on the hub’s job and work is just not a pretty topic for us right now. Things seem to be promising and I’m hoping to find something new very soon. Which would be great because it would put is back on a normal schedule.

The other big thing that has been going on is that we are moving. We have been wanting to move since last year and finally got things in order. We spent July and early July getting the house in order (lots of painting — thanks to the fam for the EXTRA help). Then listed our house at the beginning of July. And guess what…it SOLD, in 4.5 days. A little quicker than we expected, but we are happy to finally be moving on. The downside is this…because of my job and because of how quickly our house sold, we aren’t moving into a house of our own right now. Instead we’ll be shacking up with Jon’s parents for a little while until we find our next home. That just means that the whole moving process was even more complicated. We booked a storage unit over the weekend and moved some of our larger furniture out. Over the next two weeks we’ll pack up the small stuff and get it move to its respective new (temporary) home — either the storage unit or my in-laws. We’re officially moving out the weekend of 8/23-8/24 and then closing on our home later that week. It just feels like a total whirlwind.

Oscar Winkerbean has not been loving all the turmoil and has been showing signs of stress. We are trying to give him extra attention and snuggles to help ease his anxieties. But we went through a 2-3week period where he was throwing up yellow bile every morning (it was when we had all the furniture moved around for painting) Luckily that’s over…and hopefully won’t come back. We are a little concerned about him at my in-laws since he has a tendency to eat things he shouldn’t, but we’ll figure it out!

Our families have also been dealing with some stressful things…new baby on the way for one, no baby on the way for another, extra work for one, stress at work for another, extended family gatherings, extended family losses, weddings out the wazoo, etc. Its just been a rough summer (full of great stuff, but also some very stressful stuff).

Pile all that together and that’s what’s been going on…

What’s coming soon!

Here’s the exciting part…

Fashion Blogs — I am trying to update my wardrobe and improve my style. Getting fit is important, but the more fit I am, the better my clothes fit/look. I’m going to be incorporating some “daily fashion” type posts into my blog. I know it deviates a little from the theme of this blog, but it def fits into the “work” side of things! And, maybe its time to make this blog a little more well-rounded. :o)

Reviews — I used to have a blog where I did product reviews. I’d like to get back to that a little bit and do some reviews of my favorite products or new products that I find.

Recipes — Cooking and baking are definitely one of my best stress relievers and favorite past-times/hobbies. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes — some healthy, and some not-so-healthy.

Lifestyle posts — I’m going to be incorporating some general lifestyle posts — organizing suggestions, tips for everyday things, hot topic style posts. etc.

Hope you’re as excited as I am!

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