WDW Marathon 2015: Week 9 Training

Sorry its a day late! We are moved into the in-laws and sorting stuff out. It’s been crazy hectic. Cable got set up last night and this weekend we’ll get our clothes organized. After that thing should be pretty easy going and I’ll be back to a more normal posting schedule.


Week 9:

Tues – 45 mins (did you do it?!)

Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 3 miles


What I’m doing:

Fri – 45 mins

Sat – weight lifting seminar @ gym + 3-5 miles

Sun – 45 mins


I’m playing a bit of catch up since I have been so bad about keeping to the schedule. My treadmill should be set up this weekend so I can get those weeknight runs in on that no matter how late I come home. I’ll do Sat/Sun runs either outdoors or at the gym. The treadmill will be in my in-laws back living room where they do most of their TV watching so I want to keep the longer runs somewhere else where I won’t be bothering them with the hum of the belt.


How’s your training coming?

Fall TV Preview

Its no secret that I am a lover of television. A couch potato maybe, but I do love to watch TV as I run on the treadmill. I have always loved TV and my love just grew in high school and college with drama and film classes, and then after college when I worked at a local TV station. I don’t just mindlessly zone out. For me, it is a study of film as I watch each episode. As you can imagine, Fall TV rollout is like Christmas for me!

I thought it would be fun to give you a little preview of what I’ll be watching (and recording) this fall!


8p – CBS – Big Bang Theory (temporary time slot)

8p – CBS – 2 Broke Girls (once BBT moves to its normal time slot)

8p – FOX – Gotham (NEW)

9p – FOX – Sleepy Hollow

9p – CW – Jane the Virgin (NEW – on the fence with this one)

9p – CBS – Scorpion (NEW – on the fence with this one)

10p – ABC – Castle

10p – NBC – The Blacklist (temporary time slot)

10p – NBC – State of Affairs (once Blacklist moves to its new timeslot — this is a NEW show!)



8p – ABC – Selfie (NEW)

8p – CW – The Flash (NEW – on the fence with this one)

8p – FOX – Utopia (NEW – this will be an “I’m bored, i’ll watch it” show)

830p – ABC – Manhatten Love story (NEW – not sold on this one)

9p – ABC – Marvel Agents of SHIELD

9p – Fox – New Girl

9p – NBC – Marry Me (NEW – thinking this won’t last)

10p – ABC – Forever (NEW – not sold on this one yet)



8p – ABC – The Middle (LOVE THIS SHOW)

8p – CW – The Arrow (we’ve recently been watching this on Netflix)

8p – NBC – The Mysteries of Laura (NEW – not sure this will be any good)

83op – ABC – The Goldbergs (My husband does not like this one, but I love it!)

9p – ABC – Modern Family (hubs isn’t so keen on this one either, but I like it)

9p – CBS – Criminal Minds

9p – NBC – Law and Order: SVU

9p – Fox – Red Band Society (NEW – could go either way)

930p – ABC – Black-ish (NEW – not sure I’ll like this one)

10p – ABC – Nashville (I can’t wait for this to come back!)

10p – CBS – Stalker (NEW)



8p – CBS – Big Bang Theory (regular time slot)

8p – ABC – Grey’s Anatomy

8p – CW – Vampire Diaries (I used to watch this but haven’t for about a season and a half, I would like to get back into it)

9p – ABC – Scandal (seriously, does anyone not like this show?)

9p – FOX – Gracepoint (NEW)

9p – NBC – The Blacklist (regular timeslot starting in Feb)

9p – NBC – Bad Judge (NEW – as an attorney I am thinking this one might annoy me)

93op – NBC – A to Z (NEW – not sure about the concept on this one)

10p – NBC – Parenthood (Final Season!)

10p – ABC – How to get away with murder (NEW – Hoping this one is executed well because it looks really good and the ads are nuts!)


Friday (why are Fridays such a blah night for TV?)

830p – ABC – Cristela (NEW – not sure about this one)

9p – NBC – Grimm (LOVE THIS SHOW)

10p – NBC – Constantine (NEW – a different take on the story/movie that was out a few years back)



Saturday Night Live



8p – ABC – Once Upon a Time

8p – CBS – Madame Secretary (NEW – Super Excited for this show!)

10p – ABC – Revenge

10p – CBS – CSI/CSI:Cyber



What will you be watching this fall???



“Healthy Series” Exercise – Cardio

There seems to be a lot in the media lately about cardio exercise. Do you need it at all? Should you do only cardio? It’s good for your heart, bad for your heart, good for you knees, bad for your knees, etc. Just a lot of mixed messages that pour out of every crevice of media.
Personally, since I run so many races, I need cardio to condition myself for the races. I also think that everyone should get up and get moving and am a big fan of cardio/strength combination workouts. I also think, if cardio is going to get you exercising, then do cardio. If its not, then find something that will. But that’s just my non-professional two cents on the subject.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to get cardio exercise in to my week.

1 – Running. I run in various ways. Often I’m hoping on our treadmill to pound out a specific workout. I will do a straight long walk on there at a comfortable pace. Or, shake it up with an interval or tempo run. I especially love interval runs because I feel like I push myself to a limit and feel so good afterward. I also run outside from time-to-time. I like to do this when I have a buddy to run with, but have a good 2.5 mile loop around our current home where I feel comfortable going out by myself.
A great way to add in some running is to join a group or fundraising team (like Team in Training). The other members will help motivate you and entertain you if getting out is something you struggle with.

2 – Walking. Cop out? Nah…Its not the same as running. What I like about walking is that it doesn’t seem as scary or intimidating as going for a run. Often Jon and I will grab our puppers and go for a long walk. We’ve taken him on that 2.5 mile loop and he did great (yes, it is WAAAAAY slower with him along).

3 – HIIT. Have you tried HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)? It alternates between high intensity exercises and low intensity or rest periods. We used this in the bootcamp classes I did over the winter and I loved it. We would do a minute of an exercise (like walking lunges or sprints) and then do 30 seconds of rest. IT is a TOUGH workout and you definitely “feel the burn.” One form of this is Tabata, a four minute series where you do 20 seconds of high intensity exercise and then take a 10 second break. Again, we did this in our boot camp class. We would do four different exercises and then repeat for a full four minutes, take a minute break and go into a second round with four different exercises and then repeat. Wow…talk about tiring!

4 – TRX Class. If you get a good trainer for your class, TRX can actually be a cardio workout. It just depends on the exercises you are doing and how quickly you move between them. Its like any strength class, if you move from one thing to the next quickly, you’ll up your heart-rate and it will become a cardio workout or combo workout.

5 – Get Moving or Play. Okay this one isn’t really an “exercise” routine, but if you want to improve your cardiovascular system, you can make choices in your daily life to increase your movement. My two favorite ways are this…park farther away from the door when you are shopping (I like to park my car at one spot at the local outlet center and walk the entire exterior as I shop, before I return to my car). And, my other favorite way is to play with our dog or our niece. Phew! They both have so much energy and can wear us out, but it does get us moving!

How do you get your cardio??


WDW Marathon 2015: Week 7 training

Week 7 already?!

Ugh, I did NOT get in my 7 miles. Which means I need to adjust my training schedule to “catch up” so I don’t get injured this year!

Here’s the Galloway training plan schedule for the week:

Tues and Thurs – 45 mins
Sat – 3 miles

Beginners and “finish in the upright position” runners:
Tues and Thurs 30 mins
Time improvement runners:
Tues and Thurs – 45 mins

Beginners – 3 miles on Sat
Time improvement and “upright” runners – 4 miles on Sat

My goal:
Wed & Fri – 3-4 miles or an hour run
Sat – 8 miles (gonna be tight!)

How’s your training coming??

Coming Soon…

A little bit about what’s been going on.

I’ve been so terrible with my posting lately so I thought I’d fill my friendly readers in a little bit and also give you a sneak peak about what’s coming in the future for this blog.

What’s been going on:

I’ve hinted and been downright blunt that things have been a bit crazy and that’s without a doubt the truth.

Back in April I found out that my office was downsizing and I’d be out of a job shortly after the announcement. I was super busy finishing up cases and applying for jobs and have been very stressed about that and about the financial side effects. Add to it some extra stress on the hub’s job and work is just not a pretty topic for us right now. Things seem to be promising and I’m hoping to find something new very soon. Which would be great because it would put is back on a normal schedule.

The other big thing that has been going on is that we are moving. We have been wanting to move since last year and finally got things in order. We spent July and early July getting the house in order (lots of painting — thanks to the fam for the EXTRA help). Then listed our house at the beginning of July. And guess what…it SOLD, in 4.5 days. A little quicker than we expected, but we are happy to finally be moving on. The downside is this…because of my job and because of how quickly our house sold, we aren’t moving into a house of our own right now. Instead we’ll be shacking up with Jon’s parents for a little while until we find our next home. That just means that the whole moving process was even more complicated. We booked a storage unit over the weekend and moved some of our larger furniture out. Over the next two weeks we’ll pack up the small stuff and get it move to its respective new (temporary) home — either the storage unit or my in-laws. We’re officially moving out the weekend of 8/23-8/24 and then closing on our home later that week. It just feels like a total whirlwind.

Oscar Winkerbean has not been loving all the turmoil and has been showing signs of stress. We are trying to give him extra attention and snuggles to help ease his anxieties. But we went through a 2-3week period where he was throwing up yellow bile every morning (it was when we had all the furniture moved around for painting) Luckily that’s over…and hopefully won’t come back. We are a little concerned about him at my in-laws since he has a tendency to eat things he shouldn’t, but we’ll figure it out!

Our families have also been dealing with some stressful things…new baby on the way for one, no baby on the way for another, extra work for one, stress at work for another, extended family gatherings, extended family losses, weddings out the wazoo, etc. Its just been a rough summer (full of great stuff, but also some very stressful stuff).

Pile all that together and that’s what’s been going on…

What’s coming soon!

Here’s the exciting part…

Fashion Blogs — I am trying to update my wardrobe and improve my style. Getting fit is important, but the more fit I am, the better my clothes fit/look. I’m going to be incorporating some “daily fashion” type posts into my blog. I know it deviates a little from the theme of this blog, but it def fits into the “work” side of things! And, maybe its time to make this blog a little more well-rounded. :o)

Reviews — I used to have a blog where I did product reviews. I’d like to get back to that a little bit and do some reviews of my favorite products or new products that I find.

Recipes — Cooking and baking are definitely one of my best stress relievers and favorite past-times/hobbies. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes — some healthy, and some not-so-healthy.

Lifestyle posts — I’m going to be incorporating some general lifestyle posts — organizing suggestions, tips for everyday things, hot topic style posts. etc.

Hope you’re as excited as I am!

Healthy Series: August Exercise!

I guess this is going to be a floating series for the time being. I am trying to get it in on Thursdays, but it just doesn’t seem to work out. My schedule is all over the place right now.

August (yeah I know its already the 10th) is my month of “exercise” focused posts.

Today — Fitting in Exercise.

I am really bad about getting my exercise into my schedule. I try, I really do, but I often don’t have the motivation. Especially with everything we have going on lately it has been incredibly difficult to find both time and motivation. I find that I am most motivated when I don’t have time and not motivated at all when I have all the time in the world. Go figure.

These are my top tips for actually getting your fitness routine in gear and keeping up with it!

1 – Make it a Date/Meeting.
Actually mark off time on your schedule or calendar to exercise. Make a date with yourself to exercise and stick to it. If you have it marked off on your calendar, you are more likely to actually do it. Even better, make a date with someone else…a personal trainer, your spouse/significant other, or a friend. Its even hard to blow off someone else than it is to blow off yourself!

2 – Be Realistic.
Don’t try to do too much or squeeze in a workout when you know you won’t have time or won’t feel like it. I KNOW I don’t do mornings so while all the tips that say, “get up an hour early”, are great…Its not a Hannah thing and just won’t happen for me. Know yourself, know your schedule and put the time in where it will actually happen.
Also, don’t overload yourself to start off. If its one hour a week to begin with, then do one hour that week. You can build up and fit it in when you are able to. If you try to do too much you might fall into a failure fallacy issue where you can’t do everything you’ve scheduled so you don’t do any.

3 – Be Prepared.
Pack your clothes the night before. Wear your workout clothes to bed. Put your gym clothes in your car. Map out your run the night before. Print out a plan for your strength workout.
In other words, do what you have to do to make it easier to get up and get out without the excuse of “I don’t have a route” or I don’t know what to do, etc.

If you need strength workouts I suggest checking out these sites:


If you need workout clothes, try:
Target C9 by Champion
Your local Marshall’s, Ross, or TJ Maxx
The infamous lululemon (they are expensive, but it lasts!) and they make my favorite sports bra (TaTa Tamer II)!
Ellie.com or Fabletics.com

For shoes:
Whatever works for you, but try visiting your local running store to find what fits your foot best. I highly recommend splurging on shoes. You will not regret it, especially if you have foot issues like I do.

For routes:
Try Google Maps, Mapquest, or MapMyRun/MapMyWalk.

…see, no more excuses!

4 – Have fun.
Seriously, have some fun. Plan one work-out a week that is just fun for you. Do you like Zumba or another fitness class? Are you into yoga for relaxation? Plug a movie or tv show into your TV or iPad and just droll away. Just get moving. And, try to have some fun with it.

I also like to set challenges and goals for myself. Whether its a race I’m training for, or a speed I’d like to run. I do a lot of interval training on the treadmill and like to challenge myself to hold a faster pace for a little longer each time.
Maybe you’re into yoga and want to get a new position/move or hold a position/move longer?

5 – Just Do It.
Just get up and move. Do something? Did you plan an hour run and don’t feel up for it, get 15 minutes in. You might surprise yourself and get that full hour done. 😉

How do you stay motivated and find time for exercise?


WDW Marathon 2015: Weed 6 Training


We are now into week 6 of Marathon training. You half marathon folks still have a few more weeks before your training starts, but the rest of us need to get our game on for sure!

This past week I did get in one training run, not what I wanted, but still got it in. I did about an hour loop/out and back near my house.

What’s on tap for week 6 of Goofy Training?

Tues – 45 mins
Thurs – 45 mins
Sat – 7 miles

I am DETERMINED to get my 7 miles in this weekend!

Beginner runners – hold up and do 30 mins on Tues and Thurs with 7 on Sat. Experienced runners have the same schedule as goofy and those who want a time improvement, 45 mins during the week and 11 miles on Sat.

Good luck!

Healthy Series: Sweets, Treats and Cheats

Welcome back to my “healthy” series where I try to determine what healthy really means.
In this post I want to discuss those sweets, treats, and cheats that we all indulge in from time to time.

Our country has an obvious problem with over-indulgence in blatantly unhealthy foods. You know what I’m talking about… we’ve built an entire industry on making “food” quick to receive and quick to eat — ie. FAST FOOD. Yeah, that stuff should not be your major food group. We also have frozen yogurt shops (b/c if you throw the word “yogurt” on it, it must be healthy) on every corner and need I even mention the cupcake/donut/cronut/etc fads that buzz through every 6 months or so?

My point is this, all of these things exist and are staring us in the face and enticing us with their deliciousness on a daily basis (if not during every commercial break on TV — a plug for DVR’s here on how awesome to fast forward through commercials). I will openly admit that eat at these sorts of establishments on occasion. I even indulge in the less healthy items on their menus. But, its not my every day, every meal, go-to food. It’s usually a last minute, I’m starving or I feel like crap and I just want something that is convenient and easy. Oddly enough, fast food typically doesn’t upset my stomach, whereas sometimes “healthier” options do…so yeah.

Anyway, onto the post — Sweets, treats and cheats.

I do love my desserts — especially brownies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my own homemade…not store bought), and ice cream/frozen yogurt. Those are def my guilty pleasures. I believe strongly that there is a place in every diet for some dessert and sweet/sugar based foods. BUT! It’s not at every meal, and probably shouldn’t be every day either. So yeah, you shouldn’t have waffles piled high with whipped cream and syrup for breakfast, a piece of cake at lunch, a cookie in the afternoon, and some ice cream for dinner. Nah…not good (although I’ve lived like that before). For me a nice balance is to have dessert about every other day. I have a sweet tooth and this curbs it without being too much. I also try to make smart choices with desserts, like eating homemade foods instead of store-bought and eating half a slice or two cookies instead of a large slice or six cookies. You get the picture.
Something else to consider with “sweets” is your beverage choices. Soda, juices, and many other beverages are LOADED with sugar. When I’m in a “good diet” mode I limit my soda intake to once or twice a week. When I’m bad its like once or twice a day…i may be in a “bad” mode right now… but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, just consider what you’re consuming through drinks when you’re looking at your whole diet b/c excess sugar could be lurking in your beverage choices.
I do not like most sugar substitutes, but do often opt for some more natural versions (maple syrup, honey, etc) in place of refined sugar. But, you have to make your own choices and educated decisions when it comes to that.

Treats are those special foods you indulge in on rare occasions. Again, i think there’s a place in your diet for these foods, but you need to do so carefully so they aren’t your every day foods.
For me, treats are the sweets mentioned above, but also include those “extra special” foods” that i eat on even more rare occasions. I’m talking about the Tonga Toast at Disney World. I’m talking about the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake (once a year) or Chic Fil A’s peppermint milkshake (again, once a year). I’m talking about Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and stuffing. Yum…these wings we get at the Lebanon farmer’s market…I’m talking about birthday cake, wedding cake, etc. I could go on forever.
It’s OKAY to enjoy a small piece of cake at your co-worker’s birthday celebration if you want and not feel guilty about it.
I tend to weigh these foods as “worth the calories” or “not worth the calories.” If you’re eating it, just to eat it or to be polite, then politely decline or take one bite, etc. But those good ones… the delicious ones…the ones you think about later as you go to sleep, those are the “worth the calories” treats and I say GO FOR IT. Enjoy it! Savor it! But not every day or even every week. Keep those indulgences for really special occasions. You will appreciate them so much more this way. And, from experience, I will tell you that these things taste much better as treats than as every day foods. They just taste better b/c they are “special” in your mind too. Trust me…

Cheats differ from sweets and treats because they are not necessarily sugar-based and probably happen more often than your treat foods (kudos i I’m wrong on that). I try to follow a low glycemic index/impact diet. That means eating mostly vegetables and fruits, lean meats, and limiting carbs (especially simple carbs and low-fiber carbs). I try to follow this most days (I’m off the band-wagon right now). While the diet is fairly easy to maintain, it does sometimes leave me craving a slice of bread or wanting pasta, rice, steak, pork bbq, etc…you get the picture. So, I try to live this diet about 80 percent of the time and then give myself a break the rest of the time. If you eat 3 meals a day, that’s 21 meals a week…so roughly 4 meals a week can be a “cheat” meal. I like to try to mix it up so its not an entirely “cheat” meal, but a cheat item. For example, I might make homemade Indian food (tikka masala or jalfrezi), with some brown rice or other low glycemic grain, and have some real naan bread (cheat item). Or, I’ll do spaghetti with homemade sauce and steamed broccoli (like 1 cup broccoli with 1/4 cup pasta). I feel like you can cheat and still get the feeling of cheating or indulging, while balancing it out. Not gonna lie though…I totes had a Five Guys burger and fries with a pepsi for dinner (yea, i said I was off the wagon). My advice for “cheating” is two fold…1) I don’t consider it “cheating” I considering it balancing and 2)Do so consciously. Don’t just mindlessly nibble on junk food, make smart choices.

How do you balance a healthy diet with your favorite indulgences??