WDW Marathon 2015: Week 5 Training

Hello Again!

Week four training was a bust, but I am getting it in this week for sure. I pulled out my workout wear and visited a local gym on Friday to check it out.

If you don’t know… I was working with a personal trainer since August of last year. In May she announced she was moving out of state. I tried going it alone and using the Tone It Up program, but I just don’t have the motivation given what has been going on the last few months (lots of stress). So, I decided to try joining a gym. In the past this hasn’t worked for me, but this gym is very nice and clean and offers a lot more than the ones I had joined before. Plus, a friend of mine from high school is a trainer there so I could pick up some Personal training at the same time.

This week’s plan:

Tuesday – 45 min run
Wednesday – good long stretch and some core work
Thursday – 45 min run
Friday – stretch!
Saturday – 5.5 miles (since I missed last week’s run, the Galloway schedule is 3 miles)
Sunday – 2-3 miles easy (catching up)

If you are running the marathon only (not goofy) and are a beginner or experienced runner, you only need 30 mins on Tues and Thurs and 3 miles on Sat. For marathon only runners who are working for a time goal its 45 mins on tues and thurs and 4 miles on Saturday.

In OTHER Disney news… this week (tomorrow actually) Disney should be releasing their 2015 rack rates. Still no deals for into January, but that shouldn’t be too far behind!

Are you excited?!?!


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