Healthy Series: Food

What makes food healthy or unhealthy?

In general, most people seem to agree that eating more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and fat is probably a good bet for a “healthy” lifestyle. But too many fruits and veggies and too little fat is unhealthy. Just like the inverse.

I guess the answer is that food is “healthy” in relation to the other foods you are eating. And that balance really is the key.

Some people are really good at eating only the best foods all the time. For most of us, that isn’t the case. We have our weakness foods or just aren’t that strict. Are we unhealthy? My argument is no… that balance is healthy and that indulging is healthy sometimes too.

So what do I think is healthy? Here’s what a typical day is for me when I’m eating “healthy.”

Breakfast — a glass of water (I don’t do coffee) and either greek yogurt (Yum to Chobani coconut blended) with fruit and KIND granola (love the crunch!) OR egg scramble with veggies, sometimes in a whole grain tortilla or on an ezekial muffin.
Today I had a peach and a slice of homemade banana bread (banana, coconut, pecan with protein powder in the mix).

Mid-morning – cold water, sometimes an apple or a handful of nuts, but usually I am good until lunch.

Lunch – I love a wrap or salad for lunch. For wraps I use whole grain tortillas with a smear of dressing or spread (hummus, cheese mix, etc), some chopped chicken or other meat/protein, and either spinach, kale, or coleslaw mix (no dressing, just the cabbage mix). I’ll usually have this with a piece of fruit or some chips, depending on how I’m feeling. And, more water.

Mid-afternoon — more cold water! And sometimes a few bites of something quick…sometimes that means some Oreos and sometimes its an apple or some carrots sticks and hummus.

Dinner – Dinner is my favorite because I can get creative. Generally we will have a protein and veggies and sometimes we’ll have a starch or side with that. I love to mix it up though and we’ll occasionally do pizza or a pasta bake. Most days I try to do a lean protein and double veggies to keep it healthy and balance out the days we indulge a little more. Tonight we are having leftover chicken and roasted zucchini and squash.

After-Dinner — Not gonna lie, I often go back for a sweet treat after dinner. I find I am happier when I let myself have what I want. I can also balance more and not over-indulge. Last night I had a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. The night before I had an Oreo (I know…we’re on an oreo kick, not sure why?!).

What’s a “healthy” day look like for you?

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