Healthy Series: Feeling “Good”

I’ve been radio silent on this series for a few weeks now and I am terribly sorry about that! As I’ve mentioned in my WDW Marathon posts, we’ve had some personal stuff going on. I’m not ready (may not ever be) to get into specifics, but it has been difficult to sit down and right about being healthy when I’m feeling crappy all around.
But, no more excuses!
You’re getting a barrage of posts today to make up for it and then next week I will get back on a normal posting schedule.

This post (originally scheduled for June 26) is about feeling good.

So often our health is tied to some sort of number…a clothing size, a weight, a bmi, a percentage. It’s all very definite and inflexible.
While I certainly feel better when my weight and clothing size is down, those numbers don’t necessarily equate to health.
The news has been popping up showing individuals who have gotten fed up with trying to be super thing and have “rebelled” and either stopped dieting or actually gained weight. But there still seems to be an emphasis on some sort of number in each of these stories.

I want to talk about feeling good as a way of determining health.
Here is what I look to when I am deciding if I’m healthy:

1 – How my body feels. Is my skin dry and itchy…I need to drink more water. Do I feel swollen… I probably need to drink water, or I need to think about what I ate the day before (sometimes I have a reaction to some processed foods). Do my feet hurt, I probably need to stretch my calves (plantar faciitis). You get the picture. When you wake up in the morning. How do you FEEL? Are you rested? Do you have a headache? Know yourself so you know the small warning signs and can make adjustments.

2 – How my clothes fit. If my clothes are snug or strangling me, I probably need to cut back on the Oreos and eat more fruits and veggies. When I can feel them getting snug its time to make some adjustments and balance out my eating a little better, including drinking more water. Water really is a Godsend…

3 – My stress level. I have to make a conscious effort to evaluate my stress. I tend to ignore things that are bothering me and let them build up and then before I know it I’m at a breaking point. I need to sit down and really look at what’s going on in my life on a regular basis. Often that means looking at what stressors can be eliminated. That’s essentially what has been happening lately. My stress level was too high and some stressors needed to go. But they don’t go easily…

4 – What am I eating? Food has a lot to do with the the above points, but for me food has a whole separate category as well. Am I craving chocolate and sweets all the time. And, fatty comfort foods? Those are small signs my stress levels are high or I am too busy and need to make adjustments. When I am binge eating chocolate bars its time to take a step back and look at my life.

5 – How I interact with others. I can be such a nice person most of the time. Other times I am just really annoyed by everything around me and upset easily. When I’m irritable (for whatever reason) its time to make time for just being alone and collecting my thoughts and refreshing myself so I can be pleasant. I often joke that I “use my nice up” but unfortunately its quite true that I seem to have a limited supply and need to recharge sometimes!

How do you evaluate yourself for feeling “good”?


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