WDW Marathon 2015: Week 2 of Training

NOTE: The power went out at our house mid-way through posting this blog. It was out for a good 5 hours or so before finally flickering for a bit and then coming back on.

Often when typing the word marathon I accidentally add a “g” on the end, making it marathong…then I giggle inside and fix it.

Anyway, onto week 2 of marathon training.

How did week 1 go? Miserably. So the deal is this, we have been working non-stop for the past two weeks to get our house ready to list for sale. I am also dealing with some changes professionally that have made life quite difficult and busy. As of today our realtor came over and took photos of the house and it should be listed in the next few days. That means we are in maintenance mode. I also sorted out a good bit of my work stuff so that should free up my schedule a bit more. I am putting a personal schedule in place to help me get more organized and keep up with my commitments…this blog included.

So, week one was a bust. However, I did spend two full days last weekend (end of June) painting…FULL days. Then spent Tuesday painting some more and cleaning. And then Friday (yup, the fourth of july) painting again. Friday was doing the kitchen above the cabinets which meant 4 hours of leaning forward to paint. Wow, that wears you out! Then Saturday-Today I have just been cleaning like a mad woman. And, I don’t just mean mopping floors, I mean organizing, packing, sorting stuff out, moving stuff (thanks to my awesome in-laws for letting us store some stuff at their place). It has been work! So while I haven’t done an official “workout” or “run” I have been busting my butt like a crazy girl.

This week’s schedule:
Mon – house cleaning
Tues – house cleaning
Wed – Tone It Up Bikini Booty work-out (and more cleaning)
Thurs – 45 mins run or 2.5 mile run (and more cleaning/organizing)
Fri – Tone It Up Bikini Arms and Bikini Abs (and MORE cleaning/organizing)
Sat – 4 mile run
Sun – 2.5 mile walk

What’s your work-out schedule for the week?

2 thoughts on “WDW Marathon 2015: Week 2 of Training

  1. zach says:

    Hey Hannah – I followed your post on “Running at Disney” over to your blog. I’m also an attorney and I spend a fair amount of time working in Harrisburg. I’d love to get some thoughts from you about good places to run there. Drop me an email if you ever have the time, and keep up the good work!

    • Sure thing! There are tons of places to run around here. I highly recommend looking at mapmyrun.com for additional ideas. But, I personally like running at wildwood lake (just make sure you run during the day). You can also start at HACC and run to Wildwood Lake, around the loop, and then back for a longer run. There is also city island. You can run the loop on the island, or for a bigger challenge (hills) you start on city island and run across the bridge (west shore/lemoyne side) and up over Negley Park. You can come down the other side and come up front street, cross the river and up front street on the Harrisburg side, or turn around and go back the way you came. Either way, a huge hill run! Those are my two favorite Harrisburg runs. But in Hershey check out bullfrog park (run to the med center and back) or start at the lot across from Hershey High, run across the soccer fields and turn right, cross 422 and then loop through Milton Hershey School. That is a beautiful run! Again, mapmyrun can give you more specific directions and other ideas! Good luck!

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