WDW Marathon 2015: Week 5 Training

Hello Again!

Week four training was a bust, but I am getting it in this week for sure. I pulled out my workout wear and visited a local gym on Friday to check it out.

If you don’t know… I was working with a personal trainer since August of last year. In May she announced she was moving out of state. I tried going it alone and using the Tone It Up program, but I just don’t have the motivation given what has been going on the last few months (lots of stress). So, I decided to try joining a gym. In the past this hasn’t worked for me, but this gym is very nice and clean and offers a lot more than the ones I had joined before. Plus, a friend of mine from high school is a trainer there so I could pick up some Personal training at the same time.

This week’s plan:

Tuesday – 45 min run
Wednesday – good long stretch and some core work
Thursday – 45 min run
Friday – stretch!
Saturday – 5.5 miles (since I missed last week’s run, the Galloway schedule is 3 miles)
Sunday – 2-3 miles easy (catching up)

If you are running the marathon only (not goofy) and are a beginner or experienced runner, you only need 30 mins on Tues and Thurs and 3 miles on Sat. For marathon only runners who are working for a time goal its 45 mins on tues and thurs and 4 miles on Saturday.

In OTHER Disney news… this week (tomorrow actually) Disney should be releasing their 2015 rack rates. Still no deals for into January, but that shouldn’t be too far behind!

Are you excited?!?!


WDW Marathon 2015: Week 4 Training

AHH! We are in week 4 and I am no where near where I need to be for training. Good thing there are another 25 weeks to go after this… I really need to get on the ball!


While I am super proud of finishing the 2013 Princess Half, I didn’t train at all and paid for it. I don’t want to end up there again with the WDW Marathon 2015!

Here’s what’s on tap for this week:

Tues – 45 min run
Wed – rest day (I will prob do a 45 min run since I am missing today)
Thurs – 45 min run
Fri – rest day
Sat – 5.5 miles (picking up the mileage)

Are you keeping up with your training??

Healthy Series: Meat v. No Meat

Welcome back to my healthy series. For the month of July I am focusing on food and determining what is healthy and what isn’t.

A big debate on healthy food surrounds the meat v. no meat issue. Is it healthier to have a diet free of animal by products? Or, can you have a healthy lifestyle while still imbibing in a little steak now and then? Or, even all the time??

Forgive me if I sound like a broken record, but I do truly believe in an “everything in moderation” lifestyle. I personally believe you can have a healthy lifestyle and diet and still eat animal products. I do think eating mostly veggies and fruits and whole grains is the best way to go, but I do love some butter on my salmon and a grilled steak for dinner once and awhile.

It is easier to have a “balanced” diet when you are not restricting certain food groups. Which means for most of the population, having animal products in their diet allows them ease in having all their necessary nutrients. It is not impossible to eat a balanced diet while going vegan or vegetarian, but it does require a bit more consideration when it comes to protein. YES, there are TONS of vegan/vegetarian friendly protein sources, but chicken, fish, etc…are just so obvious.

Since I do all of our food planning and most of the food prep, I can speak for both myself and my husband when I say that we eat a healthy serving of animal products. I do try to cut back here and there, but I don’t worry about it too much. For us, it is not a conscious-bearing decision. We eat meat and we don’t think about it too much. But, we do have several friends and family members who choose to avoid it. We do have several vegan/vegetarian friendly recipes and cookbooks at arms length and often cook them when its just the two of us.

What’s your take? Do you believe a meat-free diet is is healthier and worth the restriction?

Healthy Series: Food

What makes food healthy or unhealthy?

In general, most people seem to agree that eating more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and fat is probably a good bet for a “healthy” lifestyle. But too many fruits and veggies and too little fat is unhealthy. Just like the inverse.

I guess the answer is that food is “healthy” in relation to the other foods you are eating. And that balance really is the key.

Some people are really good at eating only the best foods all the time. For most of us, that isn’t the case. We have our weakness foods or just aren’t that strict. Are we unhealthy? My argument is no… that balance is healthy and that indulging is healthy sometimes too.

So what do I think is healthy? Here’s what a typical day is for me when I’m eating “healthy.”

Breakfast — a glass of water (I don’t do coffee) and either greek yogurt (Yum to Chobani coconut blended) with fruit and KIND granola (love the crunch!) OR egg scramble with veggies, sometimes in a whole grain tortilla or on an ezekial muffin.
Today I had a peach and a slice of homemade banana bread (banana, coconut, pecan with protein powder in the mix).

Mid-morning – cold water, sometimes an apple or a handful of nuts, but usually I am good until lunch.

Lunch – I love a wrap or salad for lunch. For wraps I use whole grain tortillas with a smear of dressing or spread (hummus, cheese mix, etc), some chopped chicken or other meat/protein, and either spinach, kale, or coleslaw mix (no dressing, just the cabbage mix). I’ll usually have this with a piece of fruit or some chips, depending on how I’m feeling. And, more water.

Mid-afternoon — more cold water! And sometimes a few bites of something quick…sometimes that means some Oreos and sometimes its an apple or some carrots sticks and hummus.

Dinner – Dinner is my favorite because I can get creative. Generally we will have a protein and veggies and sometimes we’ll have a starch or side with that. I love to mix it up though and we’ll occasionally do pizza or a pasta bake. Most days I try to do a lean protein and double veggies to keep it healthy and balance out the days we indulge a little more. Tonight we are having leftover chicken and roasted zucchini and squash.

After-Dinner — Not gonna lie, I often go back for a sweet treat after dinner. I find I am happier when I let myself have what I want. I can also balance more and not over-indulge. Last night I had a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. The night before I had an Oreo (I know…we’re on an oreo kick, not sure why?!).

What’s a “healthy” day look like for you?

Healthy Series: Feeling “Good”

I’ve been radio silent on this series for a few weeks now and I am terribly sorry about that! As I’ve mentioned in my WDW Marathon posts, we’ve had some personal stuff going on. I’m not ready (may not ever be) to get into specifics, but it has been difficult to sit down and right about being healthy when I’m feeling crappy all around.
But, no more excuses!
You’re getting a barrage of posts today to make up for it and then next week I will get back on a normal posting schedule.

This post (originally scheduled for June 26) is about feeling good.

So often our health is tied to some sort of number…a clothing size, a weight, a bmi, a percentage. It’s all very definite and inflexible.
While I certainly feel better when my weight and clothing size is down, those numbers don’t necessarily equate to health.
The news has been popping up showing individuals who have gotten fed up with trying to be super thing and have “rebelled” and either stopped dieting or actually gained weight. But there still seems to be an emphasis on some sort of number in each of these stories.

I want to talk about feeling good as a way of determining health.
Here is what I look to when I am deciding if I’m healthy:

1 – How my body feels. Is my skin dry and itchy…I need to drink more water. Do I feel swollen… I probably need to drink water, or I need to think about what I ate the day before (sometimes I have a reaction to some processed foods). Do my feet hurt, I probably need to stretch my calves (plantar faciitis). You get the picture. When you wake up in the morning. How do you FEEL? Are you rested? Do you have a headache? Know yourself so you know the small warning signs and can make adjustments.

2 – How my clothes fit. If my clothes are snug or strangling me, I probably need to cut back on the Oreos and eat more fruits and veggies. When I can feel them getting snug its time to make some adjustments and balance out my eating a little better, including drinking more water. Water really is a Godsend…

3 – My stress level. I have to make a conscious effort to evaluate my stress. I tend to ignore things that are bothering me and let them build up and then before I know it I’m at a breaking point. I need to sit down and really look at what’s going on in my life on a regular basis. Often that means looking at what stressors can be eliminated. That’s essentially what has been happening lately. My stress level was too high and some stressors needed to go. But they don’t go easily…

4 – What am I eating? Food has a lot to do with the the above points, but for me food has a whole separate category as well. Am I craving chocolate and sweets all the time. And, fatty comfort foods? Those are small signs my stress levels are high or I am too busy and need to make adjustments. When I am binge eating chocolate bars its time to take a step back and look at my life.

5 – How I interact with others. I can be such a nice person most of the time. Other times I am just really annoyed by everything around me and upset easily. When I’m irritable (for whatever reason) its time to make time for just being alone and collecting my thoughts and refreshing myself so I can be pleasant. I often joke that I “use my nice up” but unfortunately its quite true that I seem to have a limited supply and need to recharge sometimes!

How do you evaluate yourself for feeling “good”?


WDW Marathon 2015: Week 3 of training

I’m going to keep this one short.

I’m still not doing well with getting my training in. We are still dealing with a storm of stuff personally. But I have plans to get on track next week.

For week three training:

Tues – 45 min run
Thurs – 45 min run
Sat – 3 miles

I am hoping to get my 3 miles in on Saturday! Today is not looking good for the 45 mins…my stomach is quite upset today.

How are you doing with your training??


WDW Marathon 2015: Week 2 of Training

NOTE: The power went out at our house mid-way through posting this blog. It was out for a good 5 hours or so before finally flickering for a bit and then coming back on.

Often when typing the word marathon I accidentally add a “g” on the end, making it marathong…then I giggle inside and fix it.

Anyway, onto week 2 of marathon training.

How did week 1 go? Miserably. So the deal is this, we have been working non-stop for the past two weeks to get our house ready to list for sale. I am also dealing with some changes professionally that have made life quite difficult and busy. As of today our realtor came over and took photos of the house and it should be listed in the next few days. That means we are in maintenance mode. I also sorted out a good bit of my work stuff so that should free up my schedule a bit more. I am putting a personal schedule in place to help me get more organized and keep up with my commitments…this blog included.

So, week one was a bust. However, I did spend two full days last weekend (end of June) painting…FULL days. Then spent Tuesday painting some more and cleaning. And then Friday (yup, the fourth of july) painting again. Friday was doing the kitchen above the cabinets which meant 4 hours of leaning forward to paint. Wow, that wears you out! Then Saturday-Today I have just been cleaning like a mad woman. And, I don’t just mean mopping floors, I mean organizing, packing, sorting stuff out, moving stuff (thanks to my awesome in-laws for letting us store some stuff at their place). It has been work! So while I haven’t done an official “workout” or “run” I have been busting my butt like a crazy girl.

This week’s schedule:
Mon – house cleaning
Tues – house cleaning
Wed – Tone It Up Bikini Booty work-out (and more cleaning)
Thurs – 45 mins run or 2.5 mile run (and more cleaning/organizing)
Fri – Tone It Up Bikini Arms and Bikini Abs (and MORE cleaning/organizing)
Sat – 4 mile run
Sun – 2.5 mile walk

What’s your work-out schedule for the week?

WDW Marathon: Week 1 Training

Kick things off with a bang! The WDW Marathon training starts this week!

If you are running the Half Marathon or the 10k you still have a few weeks before your training begins!


For everyone else, get to it! I am determined to hit my training runs this time around.


Here’s the Goofy Challenge schedule for the week:

Monday – Rest Day (Actually did a bit of painting and cooking which was exhausting after two FULL days of painting over the weekend)

Tuesday 7/1 – First Marathon training run! Are you excited?!?! Get in a good 45 mins. It is hot, hot, hot here so I’m planning to do a slow 45 mins on the treadmill.

Wed 7/2 – A little cross-training. (I’m hoping to do some Tone It Up strength work — Inner and outer thighs is what’s on the weekly schedule for Wed, along with Bikini Booty. I’d normally shy away from lower body work but I know I need to strengthen my buns and hips to keep me from having IT band pain this time around).

Thurs 7/3 – 45 mins (I’ll likely be on the treadmill and doing some interval work.)

Fri 7/4 – Cross- training (Quick Fourth of July Bikini Workout from Tone It Up).

Sat 7/5 – 3 miles (I am hoping to get the hubs up for a walk with our dog on Saturday morning. There are two local state parks I am looking at. Otherwise I’ll make a quick loop here at the house to get those 3 miles in!)

Sun 7/6 – Rest day according to Jeff Galloway’s plan, but I’m hoping for long dog walk. We did 2.35 miles this past Sunday. I’d like to extend it a bit, but need to take some water for puppers in order to do so!)


If you are running Dopey, your training for this week is the same. If you’re running the marathon only, the training varies depending on what your goals are for the race. You’ll complete 30 mins on Tues and Thursday and 3 miles on Saturday, if you are looking looking to just finish the race. If you want a time improvement, you’ll do the 45 mins, along with a 5.5 miles on Saturday.

We have been insanely busy getting our house in order to list it for sale. I cannot wait for this to be done! This past weekend we painted our main living level walls and ceiling. Thanks to a fair amount of help from our families we were able to get it mostly done (still have some of the kitchen to do. Yesterday I wrapped up the bathroom painting and took care of touch-ups on our bedroom windowsill trim. Still left are…landing/stairs walls and ceiling, small bath ceiling, and one wall in our bedroom. Today I’ll be working on sorting and packing up more stuff to take to my in-laws who have graciously offered to store some stuff for us. Man do we have a lot of stuff… My plan has been to do some sorting while I pack stuff up, but most of the “getting rid of” stuff will come as we unpack whenever we get to where ever we are going.


What else is going on preparation?

Running Wardrobe:

Well I’ve been doing some thinking about what to wear for the race. It is always a toss up for weather so you need to plan multiple outfits. I’ve also been thinking about running shoes. For back to back races I like to take two pairs of shoes (in case it rains or one pair gets muddy…I like to have the back up). Don’t get me wrong, I have PLENTY of running shoes (I tech have 5 pairs right now, but they are at various stages and why I have so many is a long story…). I’ve been contemplating accessories and post-race wear (compression gear). Nothing is planned, but its on my mind.

Trip dates:

I wish I could narrow this down and figure out exact dates for our trip, but some personal complications have delayed this again…

Resort hotel:

I booked a room for us last week. However its a  “holder” room. Since we don’t know dates or budget right now, I just booked something so I have a goal to work toward, but it will likely not be our final room.

Food/Dining Reservations:

This has only been a passing thought thus far. I need to get some plans together. Unfortunately, without trip dates, this is going to be hard.


I’ve glanced a bit, but some of the local airlines aren’t booking out that far yet, so I can’t really start price-compare/shopping yet. Our plan is to do fly from our local airport. I’m hoping for a direct flight to Orlando where I can get DME. But, I’m open to other options…


Are you running the marathon? Are you excited to start your training this week? Have you booked any part of your vacation?


See ya real soon!