WDW Marathon 2015: Cross Training

There is so much literature available about what runners should do for cross training (or if you should even do any cross training).

willywonka - Oh you're cross-training? Let me See how difficult I can make this for you

Cross training does not have to be overly burdensome or difficult. You can work most efforts into your every day schedule. Things like…taking the stairs, doing a few planks a day, etc can help with your running. Or, make things a bit more structured.


I wanted to share a few of my favorite sources for cross-training efforts.

Runner’s World:

First and foremost, I love Runner’s World. They offer lots of great articles and tips on cross training that are tailored to runners.

Here are a few links.

8 Benefits of Cross Training

10 Essential Strength Training Exercises


Tone It Up

I love these girls. They are so kind and inspiring. And, the members aren’t bad either! Every Sunday they post a weekly workout schedule. You could easily tweak this or simply add it to your run schedule. They also have tons of workouts on their web site and on YouTube. And, if you are looking for an additional boost, they offer both a nutritional plan and some nutrition products like protein powder and coconut water (as well as apparel and accessories).


Check them out at Toneitup.com or Youtube.


Classes at your local gym:

Exercise Balls - Never swallow ur bubble gum

This is a great option because you get the social aspect of exercise as well (b/c running can sometimes be lonely).

I personally love TRX and bootcamp classes (normal ones, not those, workout til you puke ones…). Locally we also have zumba and barefoot and so many other options. Since we’re a small area we don’t always get the latest trends, but we have a lot. And, if we have a lot I am sure you can find something near you!

If you have one, Yoga is also a great addition to running as it helps with flexibility and strength. There has been some controversy on yoga as cross training for runners, but if you just make sure you’re doing moves that compliment not impede, you should be fine.


Those are my three favorites, what are yours?






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