Maybe I’ll Win the Lottery …

I felt compelled to share today. So, looks like you’ll get three days in a row of posts! Yay for you?!

Phone Photos 279

As an added bonus I’m also sharing this photo of the O-man looking quite sleepy…


Anyways, I had a rough day. I real rough one. I won’t go into full details, but I have been under a lot of stress … A LOT. So a craptastic morning just added to it. So I did what I do when I’m in a crappy mood…I bought a lottery ticket. Yup, I admit I buy into the craziness that is the lottery. I know my chances are slim to win, but sometimes I just think “Maybe I’ll win this time.” Because, winning the lottery right now would solve a lot of my stress. I know money can’t buy happiness. I know that. But, money would get rid of my school loan debt, my mortgage, my car loan, and my stress about income right now. Money WOULD solve a lot of my current problems and thus would help me deal with my stress, if not eliminate it.

I get like this. I get real down and out and feeling bad about myself. So I buy a lottery ticket and think, maybe, just maybe, I’ll win…


I bought the ticket around 11a this morning before I got to the office to take care of a few things.

I thought I was having a bad day…and then things got a bit worse. Some client issues just piled on top of my personal issues. And then my stomach was all upset around lunchtime and I banged my elbow on the corner of the bathroom counter when I got home AND…and…and…

And, “maybe I’ll win the lottery” popped back into my head.


So why I am posting this?

We all think like this, right? Maybe some miracle will pop up and solve all my problems and life will be better. Right?

Today I also read a few blogs about people who had things bad…like real problem. Like, miscarriages and deaths and whatnot. And through it, their faith persevered.

I’m posting this because I had a revelation as I was doing the dishes and cooking dinner, after I had spend an hour folding laundry. I realized that maybe, just maybe, I already won the lottery. Not the money lottery that you need a ticket for, but maybe I won the life lottery.

I have an AWESOME life and I need to be a little bit more grateful for it. I need to focus on the positive things in my life and not let the negatives bog me down.

This is my life right now…


I get to spend a lot of time hanging out with my four-legged baby.

While our finances are a concern, we can survive on just my husband’s income so we are really fine financially.

I am able (both physically and time-wise) to plan out and make homemade for for most of our meals.

We are working to get our house ready to list for sale and I have a lot of extra time to do work on that.

We have way to much “stuff” when so many have so little. (I have enough clothes that I can do laundry once a month and still have enough underwear and clothing to last me past that).

We have awesome family and friends who support us (and who came out to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday this past weekend).


Thank you God for giving me these gifts in life. Thank you for putting little signs in my path to remind me to be grateful.

I have been praying a lot lately for signs and for things to change for the better. After weeks of feeling like everything is raining down on me, I have been praying for peace and clarity. I was reminded earlier this week that God answers prayers in one of three ways 1) Yes you may have it 2) Wait; or 3)No — often paired with I have something better planned for you.

So I’m saying thank you for a yes to my prayer for clarity. And thank you for whatever the answer is to the rest of my prayer.


I have a life that is good. I am grateful. I hope I don’t forget it. If I do, I know something will come along and snap me into shape.


I leave you with this — When I am feeling pretty down I turn to music quite a lot. I love spiritual songs and hymns often, but I feel a song from the show Nashville speaks to me very clearly when I am not myself.

A life that’s good — Lennon and Maisy (Nashville)

“Two arms around me

Heaven to ground me

a family that always calls me home

Four wheels to get there

Enough love to share and a

sweet, sweet, sweet song

At the end of the day,

Lord I pray

I have a life that’s good.”


What reminds you to be grateful?





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