WDW Marathon 2015: My training Plan/Training Hope

I am labeling this post as my “training hope” because I know I often mess up and miss workouts. My goal is to get it all in, but if I don’t my PLAN is to get in at least 3 runs a week, 4 during the weeks that have four runs (the ones that add a sunday run).


I wrote a long post that will be up on Running At Disney this week that details how I choose my training plans and some tips for newbies. Keep an eye on that blog for the post coming up in a few days. I’ll be posting monthly with Running at Disney, but that will focus mainly on the Marathon and on running.


This post is different. This is specifically what I am hoping to do to get myself ready for the 2015 WDW Marathon both with running and with cross training and other training (food, rest, stretching, etc). I’ll have weekly posts updating you on what I’ve done and what I’m hoping to do for the next week. I’ll also include what I’m doing to get ready for the trip like picking a resort, booking ADRs, and managing the new fastpass system. Check in each week to see what’s going on with my WDW planning!


So here it is, the master plan…or master “hope” …whatever you want to call it!

Monday: Abs Strength

Tuesday: Run 45 mins (7/1-8/26 and 4 runs/week through 1/6); 60 mins starting 9/2 and all 3 runs/week after

Wednesday: Arms and Booty Strength

Thursday: Run 45 mins (7/3-8/28 and all 4 run weeks following); 60 mins starting 9/4 and all 3 run weeks after

Friday: Rest and stretch

Saturday: Long run (following RunDisney Goofy training plan)

Sunday: Long run or Rest (following RunDisney Goofy Training plan)


What’s your training plan? Are you running the 2015 WDW Marathon?


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