WDW Marathon 2015: RunDisney Registration

This will be a fairly short post. But I have a little advice about registering for RunDisney races and its kind of fitting considering the Star Wars Weekend race registration opened today at noon and sold out in just a few hours.

Disney races are selling out faster and faster. The Marathon weekend seems to have the longest time between registration open and sell out, but I think that’s only because it involves a marathon and many people just aren’t ready to take that leap.

For 2015, Dopey, the 5k, the 10k and the half sold out very quickly. The marathon took a few weeks and if you’re goofy…you can STILL register for the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge (half marathon and full marathon). You can also still register for kids races, but that’s only for kids.


I have to say, I think this registration thing is getting a bit crazy. I am considering making WDW Marathon 2015 my last RunDisney race. While that’s another post, I will say that registration costs and craziness are seriously weighing on me. I ran Princess 2013 and registered in Nov/Dec (I can’t remember) for a Feb race…this 7 months out sell-out is just insane. And Stars Wars was $195 for a half marathon? Wow… But like I said, that’s all for another post.

If you WANT to register, go for it!

Here are my tips…

1 – Know if you want to run and what you want to run. This means, what race weekends you want to participate in and what races specifically. The hubs and I agreed to run the marathon and in a moment of weakness I signed up for goofy. It wasn’t really fair to my husband that I did that without talking with him beforehand. I kept him from being able to register for goofy with me, and I cost us some money without discussing it first. He’s over it, but still…make sure you know in advance and stick to your plan.

2 – Know when registration opens for YOU. Are you a DVC or visa card holder? You probably qualify for early registration so you won’t have to stress on the public registration day. Otherwise, make sure you know date and time registration opens (usually noon est, but that would be diff for you west coast folks).

3 – Plan your schedule accordingly. You don’t want to miss out on registering for a race you really wanted to run because you planned lunch with a friend who has a flexible schedule. Plan to be near a computer — cell phone registration is a pain, trust me.

4- Get there early. So, for all you newbies out there, you may not know this…but you can usually access online registration 5 minutes before it OFFICIALLY opens. I think marathon weekend had some glitches b/c I couldn’t get on for about 10 mins after noon, but usually you can get on early. RunDisney uses active.com for registration so if you are  a newbie to RunDisney, make sure you get yourself to active.com before registration day and get yourself an account. Then, head back there the day of and sign in before registration opens. That should help you get through the process quicker.

5 – Don’t stress. Its really not worth it. So you don’t get into the race you want? It’s not the end of the world… You have some options. You could…pick another  race (RunDisney or ::gasp:: a non Disney race). Or, you can check out the charitable or tour group registrations. As you know, I do a lot with Team in Training and they often offer a lot of options for Disney races, but there are many other charities you could check out as well.


And my WDW Marathon Registration story…

Well, I had been talking to the hubs for a few weeks before registration. As I’ve said before, I felt like I left something unfinished and wanted to give it another go. Hubs was on the fence for running and I was leaving it up to him. He finally said yes and that’s when I said about Goofy…he was not game.

Day of registration, things were going slow and the site seemed to crash. I had to be in court at 130p, about 45 mins from my office. So, what I needed, was for everything to go perfectly. It did not. I couldn’t get on to register before I had to leave. So I kept refreshing on my phone. I had to pull over and complete my registration. On a whim…I signed up for Goofy. Then, I couldn’t get the hubs registered so I had to call him and have him do it on his own. He was no so happy with me. I failed to mention Goofy in that not so happy conversation so when he found out later..again not so happy.

I will say this about Goofy. I keep saying I did it on a whim. But the reality is, I had talked about it beforehand and it was on my mind. The 10 year anniversary really got me revved on the idea. Plus, I was planning to train for the marathon using the goofy plan (no DNF for me this time). So, its really not as “whim” or crazy as it may seem from the outside.  AND, while hubs was annoyed, he’s very grateful he’s not doing it!


What are your tips for getting through Disney registration?



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