“Healthy” Series: Intro

Hello and welcome!


This is the start of my summer series for this blog on being “healthy.”

Lately I have been incredibly frustrated by trying to figure out what is healthy.

Should you eat carbs? Should you cut all carbs or only the bad ones?? Should you eat dairy at all, only at certain times of day, or just cut it out of your diet?  What about gluten if you aren’t gluten intolerant? And what is gluten intolerance? Does it even exist? Organic for what? Everything?

It’s just incredibly overwhelming!

This series will be once a week and will focus on a different topic each week and a larger topic for each month (June-Sept).

June — Healthy mind and body

July — Healthy food

August — Healthy exercise

September – Putting it all together


I hope you’ll check in and see what I have to say!



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