WDW Marathon 2015: Cross Training

There is so much literature available about what runners should do for cross training (or if you should even do any cross training).

willywonka - Oh you're cross-training? Let me See how difficult I can make this for you

Cross training does not have to be overly burdensome or difficult. You can work most efforts into your every day schedule. Things like…taking the stairs, doing a few planks a day, etc can help with your running. Or, make things a bit more structured.


I wanted to share a few of my favorite sources for cross-training efforts.

Runner’s World:

First and foremost, I love Runner’s World. They offer lots of great articles and tips on cross training that are tailored to runners.

Here are a few links.

8 Benefits of Cross Training

10 Essential Strength Training Exercises


Tone It Up

I love these girls. They are so kind and inspiring. And, the members aren’t bad either! Every Sunday they post a weekly workout schedule. You could easily tweak this or simply add it to your run schedule. They also have tons of workouts on their web site and on YouTube. And, if you are looking for an additional boost, they offer both a nutritional plan and some nutrition products like protein powder and coconut water (as well as apparel and accessories).


Check them out at Toneitup.com or Youtube.


Classes at your local gym:

Exercise Balls - Never swallow ur bubble gum

This is a great option because you get the social aspect of exercise as well (b/c running can sometimes be lonely).

I personally love TRX and bootcamp classes (normal ones, not those, workout til you puke ones…). Locally we also have zumba and barefoot and so many other options. Since we’re a small area we don’t always get the latest trends, but we have a lot. And, if we have a lot I am sure you can find something near you!

If you have one, Yoga is also a great addition to running as it helps with flexibility and strength. There has been some controversy on yoga as cross training for runners, but if you just make sure you’re doing moves that compliment not impede, you should be fine.


Those are my three favorites, what are yours?






Healthy Series: Body Measurements

There are so many different weighs to measure yourself.

I know the term tends to lean towards using a tape measure and taking inches, but that’s just one method.

Here are some tips or possible ways to measure yourself and your health!

1 – Inches! Get out that tape measure and track your inches. You can do this once at the beginning of a weight loss plan and then again at the end. Or, just try measuring yourself regularly (once a week, once a month, etc) to track over time.

Here’s a link to an article from sparkpeople.com that will help you learn more about tape measuring yourself.


2. Fit! How do your clothes fit? If you’re doing this, you need to look at the clothes you currently own. Don’t get all bent out of shape if you head to your local jeans retailer and the size you normally wear doesn’t fit because jean sizes vary. If things are feeling a bit snug, you’ll know its time to cut back on the indulgences (hello, ice cream season!). I use my clothes to keep me on track. I also keep a few sizes in my closet for those days that are just bloated kind of days. Along with fit comes “feel” how do you feel in the morning when you wake up? I have a salt issue so sometimes I wake up and I feel bloated and swollen and I know I need to take a break and cut back on salt.


3. Scale! Get on that thing. I tend to go back and forth between weighing myself once a week and and weighing myself once a day. Once a day is great for when I’m really in crunch time or working on goals (ie. I’d like to be in a bikini before summer is over). But for many people they can become obsessive and step on the scale too often. If you find you’re thinking about the number too much, take it back to once a week or once every other week. Same thing if you’re just “maintaining” weight. It’s great to step on just to make sure you’re not taking in too much ice cream (can you tell I want ice cream today?).


4. Body Composition! This requires stepping on a different type of scale to get the answers you want. Comparing your fat to muscle ratios or percentages is a great way to look at overall health. I am a healthy weight and have a healthy body fat percentage, but my weight is more even-keeled than my body fat. If i lift more weights and gain more muscle I will increase my muscle mass and decrease my body fat and thus, increase my overall health. Plus, I’d be less jiggly and more bikini wiggly. :oP


5. Pace/Weight/Duration! Measure your body by what your body can do. How far can your run? How long can you run before you need a break? How much weight can you lift in a bench press or how many reps can you do of bicep curls. What can your body do? I am always trying to improve what I can do!


So how do you measure yourself? Do you use different methods?



Maybe I’ll Win the Lottery …

I felt compelled to share today. So, looks like you’ll get three days in a row of posts! Yay for you?!

Phone Photos 279

As an added bonus I’m also sharing this photo of the O-man looking quite sleepy…


Anyways, I had a rough day. I real rough one. I won’t go into full details, but I have been under a lot of stress … A LOT. So a craptastic morning just added to it. So I did what I do when I’m in a crappy mood…I bought a lottery ticket. Yup, I admit I buy into the craziness that is the lottery. I know my chances are slim to win, but sometimes I just think “Maybe I’ll win this time.” Because, winning the lottery right now would solve a lot of my stress. I know money can’t buy happiness. I know that. But, money would get rid of my school loan debt, my mortgage, my car loan, and my stress about income right now. Money WOULD solve a lot of my current problems and thus would help me deal with my stress, if not eliminate it.

I get like this. I get real down and out and feeling bad about myself. So I buy a lottery ticket and think, maybe, just maybe, I’ll win…


I bought the ticket around 11a this morning before I got to the office to take care of a few things.

I thought I was having a bad day…and then things got a bit worse. Some client issues just piled on top of my personal issues. And then my stomach was all upset around lunchtime and I banged my elbow on the corner of the bathroom counter when I got home AND…and…and…

And, “maybe I’ll win the lottery” popped back into my head.


So why I am posting this?

We all think like this, right? Maybe some miracle will pop up and solve all my problems and life will be better. Right?

Today I also read a few blogs about people who had things bad…like real problem. Like, miscarriages and deaths and whatnot. And through it, their faith persevered.

I’m posting this because I had a revelation as I was doing the dishes and cooking dinner, after I had spend an hour folding laundry. I realized that maybe, just maybe, I already won the lottery. Not the money lottery that you need a ticket for, but maybe I won the life lottery.

I have an AWESOME life and I need to be a little bit more grateful for it. I need to focus on the positive things in my life and not let the negatives bog me down.

This is my life right now…


I get to spend a lot of time hanging out with my four-legged baby.

While our finances are a concern, we can survive on just my husband’s income so we are really fine financially.

I am able (both physically and time-wise) to plan out and make homemade for for most of our meals.

We are working to get our house ready to list for sale and I have a lot of extra time to do work on that.

We have way to much “stuff” when so many have so little. (I have enough clothes that I can do laundry once a month and still have enough underwear and clothing to last me past that).

We have awesome family and friends who support us (and who came out to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday this past weekend).


Thank you God for giving me these gifts in life. Thank you for putting little signs in my path to remind me to be grateful.

I have been praying a lot lately for signs and for things to change for the better. After weeks of feeling like everything is raining down on me, I have been praying for peace and clarity. I was reminded earlier this week that God answers prayers in one of three ways 1) Yes you may have it 2) Wait; or 3)No — often paired with I have something better planned for you.

So I’m saying thank you for a yes to my prayer for clarity. And thank you for whatever the answer is to the rest of my prayer.


I have a life that is good. I am grateful. I hope I don’t forget it. If I do, I know something will come along and snap me into shape.


I leave you with this — When I am feeling pretty down I turn to music quite a lot. I love spiritual songs and hymns often, but I feel a song from the show Nashville speaks to me very clearly when I am not myself.

A life that’s good — Lennon and Maisy (Nashville)

“Two arms around me

Heaven to ground me

a family that always calls me home

Four wheels to get there

Enough love to share and a

sweet, sweet, sweet song

At the end of the day,

Lord I pray

I have a life that’s good.”


What reminds you to be grateful?





WDW Marathon 2015: My training Plan/Training Hope

I am labeling this post as my “training hope” because I know I often mess up and miss workouts. My goal is to get it all in, but if I don’t my PLAN is to get in at least 3 runs a week, 4 during the weeks that have four runs (the ones that add a sunday run).


I wrote a long post that will be up on Running At Disney this week that details how I choose my training plans and some tips for newbies. Keep an eye on that blog for the post coming up in a few days. I’ll be posting monthly with Running at Disney, but that will focus mainly on the Marathon and on running.


This post is different. This is specifically what I am hoping to do to get myself ready for the 2015 WDW Marathon both with running and with cross training and other training (food, rest, stretching, etc). I’ll have weekly posts updating you on what I’ve done and what I’m hoping to do for the next week. I’ll also include what I’m doing to get ready for the trip like picking a resort, booking ADRs, and managing the new fastpass system. Check in each week to see what’s going on with my WDW planning!


So here it is, the master plan…or master “hope” …whatever you want to call it!

Monday: Abs Strength

Tuesday: Run 45 mins (7/1-8/26 and 4 runs/week through 1/6); 60 mins starting 9/2 and all 3 runs/week after

Wednesday: Arms and Booty Strength

Thursday: Run 45 mins (7/3-8/28 and all 4 run weeks following); 60 mins starting 9/4 and all 3 run weeks after

Friday: Rest and stretch

Saturday: Long run (following RunDisney Goofy training plan)

Sunday: Long run or Rest (following RunDisney Goofy Training plan)


What’s your training plan? Are you running the 2015 WDW Marathon?


“Healthy” Series: Body Image

Welp, so much for keeping up with a “normal” schedule! The past few days have been a total whirlwind and I have hardly had a chance to sit down.

Friday was my husband’s 30th birthday and we had a big party (35+ people) so we spent the week preparing and then had the party on Saturday. And then today is Father’s Day so we visited with my dad and my father-in-law to celebrate. Wow, we are worn out!


But back to the purpose of this post… my series on “healthy.”

For June I am focusing on mind and body.

I think the most difficult thing to understand about being healthy is what does healthy actually mean? It can mean different things to different people and in different contexts. Even the inverse is difficult to answer…what is not healthy? Figuring out what your “healthy” is can be quite mind-boggling with all the buzzing info and conflicting “studies” that are available online or in print. It can be quite difficult to wrap your head around and find a balance that works for you.

This post is specifically dedicated body image. I would say I generally have a healthy body image. I know when I need to cut back on the sugar and junk food and beef up on the healthy veggies and lean proteins. I have certainly had my ups and downs when it comes to how I see myself physically.


Back in the day (11 years ago, when I was in high school), I was incredibly thin. I graduated high school at the hefty weight of 92 pounds. Yup, you read that right…92, not 192. I was quite the skinny minny and definitely identified as such.


When I headed off to college I had a rude awakening that I cannot continue to just eat whatever I want and decrease my daily activity and stay that same 92 lbs. I also started having issues with some different foods while I was in college. At the same time I was dealing with some home-sicknesses and suppressed my feelings by eating junk food. At some point in our lives, everyone realizes that food is not comfort and cannot make you feel better. But its a tough lesson to learn and a tough habit to break.

I will still pretty thin after college (Dec 2006) as we headed toward our wedding in 2008. I was a very “healthy” 115-120. Which, truthfully, is a good weight on my smaller frame. I could definitely have used some toning and been a bit more active, but I looked and felt pretty good.


After our wedding we sped into a crazy three months of wedding, house buying, honeymoon in Paris (woohoo), move into house, and start law school. It really took a toll on my physically and I ended up having serious issues with my eyes around Thanksgiving (conveniently right before the start of first semester law school finals). To explain briefly, I had to stop wearing contacts and had blurred vision for about a month (right over finals!) It was terrifying and absolutely miserable and I would not wish that upon anyone. The stress of that, on top of everything else, became overwhelming and I again resorted to food for comfort. Add to that the toll of a law school schedule (reading 250-500 pages of legal text each week, a competitive grading environment, and a crumbling job market) my lifestyle quickly became extremely sedentary. My weight and body image suffered seriously as a result. One day I stepped on a scale and realized that if I gained one pound, I would be considered overweight (based on BMI). For me, a person who was always thin and identified as being “thin” that was a rude awakening. For ME (and I want to emphasize that this is personal to me), having that much weight on my frame was definitely too much. I knew that I felt bad, but putting a number on it helped me realize what the problem was. I felt like sausage in sausage casing that was three sizes too small. This was fat on me. This was not muscle or being big-boned. It was me binge eating and trying to swallow my stress and emotions with junk food (a lot of fast food, candy, cookies, soda, etc.)

At that point, I really had a choice…buy all new clothes or get myself healthier. I decided to get healthier. In about six months I lost about ten pounds. I did it by doing three things. 1) I changed one of my prescriptions. I had switched it a year before after having trouble with my eyes (the one previous to it had said dry eyes could be a side effect, which was the root cause of my eye trouble during my first year). Since I wasn’t wearing contacts anymore (I had LASIK by this point), I switched back to my previous med. Over that year I had been excessively tired and sluggish. Almost immediately after switching I felt much better. Call it placebo, but I don’t care… 2) I cut out a lot of junk food. I just stopped keeping it in the house. Yup, it really is that simple..just don’t buy it to begin with. Shop the outsides of your grocery store or head to the farmer’s market. Don’t bring it home. Don’t tempt yourself with it. 3) I started walking more. I parked my car further away and walked an extra block or two each day. I just got up on my feet and off the couch/desk chair.

Look, ten pounds over six months is by no means a miracle. But it was enough to make me want to get up and put on clothes in the morning. My jeans weren’t restrictive anymore and I could move around more easily. Its amazing that a few pounds, and better fitting clothes made me want to improve those healthy habits more!

That fall I ran my first half marathon (which I should have trained better for, but hindsight is always 20/20)! The Nike Women’s half Marathon in San Francisco. I vowed never to do it again…until about a week later.

Since then I have had quite a few ups and downs and have realized a lot about myself. In January I hit a low point on body image. After dropping out of the marathon, then catching a cold after we returned, and work getting very stressful I resorted to my old tendencies and packed on some pounds. I was almost back to that “almost overweight” number, but caught it early and nipped it in the bud.

Here are some things I realized:

1 – I have a tendency toward being an emotional eater and also a tendency to reward myself with food. I need to find other ways to cope with emotions and should not allowed food to be a celebrated thing or use food to reward myself (duh). Also, I should not use celebrations as an excuse to indulge and should make smart choices all the time. More on that in #3.

2 – I let photos of other people influence how I feel about myself. I am not a victoria’s secret model (I’m way too short) and will never be one. I live a completely different lifestyle and I can only do my best to look my best. It is not my job to have a supermodel body. It is my job to make this body the best it can be, under the circumstances that I exist. Ugh, that’s a tough one. I want flat abs and a toned rear. I am working to make myself the best I can be, not the what someone else is…

3 – Making smart choices doesn’t mean total deprivation. I truly love food. I love the concept of food. I love to feed those around me. I love to cook and experiment and baking is a stress reliever. The hard thing is… I need to find recipes that are healthier for every day use and only eat the special foods once and awhile. Making smart choices means having a large salad on my plate with a little bit of the potato salad or mac and cheese. It means choosing the grilled chicken instead of the greasy, over-sized sausage on the white bread/flour bun. It means cutting a half piece of cake and savoring the bites on my husband’s birthday, rather than eating three cookies and two chocolates every night of the week. You get it? Its tough and I’ll fall off the wagon. But I am learning that FOR ME an 80/20 diet seems to work best. I hate to even call it a “diet” because of the negative connotation, but that’s what it is definitively. So, 80 percent of the time I am eat clean and 20 percent of the time I allow myself to “cheat.” Ugh, again, I hate to even say cheat. Indulge, is a little better… not worry/stress is probably the best definition.

4 – I need to track what I eat. When I track what I eat, I eat better. Also, up there where I said about having issues with foods starting in college…that’s still happening. But I can’t seem to pinpoint the foods that are causing it. When I track my food I am more cautious about what I consume…each and every bite…so I know better what foods are causing me issues. I also avoid more of the “bad” foods in life like…processed foods, fast food, sugars, etc. I know my big culprit is in one of those categories so overall I feel better when I limit this. Read that…FEEL better…we’ll get to that in #5. I know that I need to be careful with bananas and peppers because they often cause me gastrointestinal distress. I also know I need to limit my sodium intake or my hands and feet swell and my joints ache. What I can’t figure out is why I wake up some mornings and every joint in my body is aching, my head is pounding and I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck or hit in the face by a frying pan. I’m not sure what’s causing that and frankly…I need to find out because I’m tired of it.

5 – I need to focus on how I feel not how I look and not what the number on the scale is. I get so frustrated when the scale doesn’t budge or goes up, and forget that I woke up that morning feeling great. There are two things I use as tools for how I feel. One is how my clothes fit. This is a great tool for if I’m doing things “right” for me. If my jeans slide on and aren’t digging into my stomach, I feel good. I can move easily and freely and have no physical restrictions to bind me. The second thing is my joints and stomach. If my joints are aching, then I don’t feel like getting up and moving. If my stomach is feeling off, I just want to eat sugar (weird, i know…). When I feel good, I want to keep doing good things. I need to take a few days off from stepping on the scale or obsessively checking my fitbit for how many steps I’ve done. Feeling good is what matters.


I’ve realized MANY more things, but these are the main ones.

This is MY story of my body image. I think everyone needs to form their own image. There are many people in my life who struggle with their weight and body image. I had friends in high school who had eating disorders and know adults now who cannot talk about anything else but losing weight.


For me, I want to stop thinking about my body and how I look. For me, a healthy body image means I’m not worried about it ALL the. For me, right now I am focusing on getting myself to a good “status quo” so that I can focus on getting on with my life. I do not want to be the person who spends all day every day struggling with their weight and image. I know I will get there but it will take a little time.

This body is awesome…I have completed 6 half marathons, 3 10ks, numerous 5ks and 16.5 miles of a marathon. And, that’s just the measured stuff.


What does a “healthy body image” mean to you?

WDW Marathon 2015: RunDisney Registration

This will be a fairly short post. But I have a little advice about registering for RunDisney races and its kind of fitting considering the Star Wars Weekend race registration opened today at noon and sold out in just a few hours.

Disney races are selling out faster and faster. The Marathon weekend seems to have the longest time between registration open and sell out, but I think that’s only because it involves a marathon and many people just aren’t ready to take that leap.

For 2015, Dopey, the 5k, the 10k and the half sold out very quickly. The marathon took a few weeks and if you’re goofy…you can STILL register for the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge (half marathon and full marathon). You can also still register for kids races, but that’s only for kids.


I have to say, I think this registration thing is getting a bit crazy. I am considering making WDW Marathon 2015 my last RunDisney race. While that’s another post, I will say that registration costs and craziness are seriously weighing on me. I ran Princess 2013 and registered in Nov/Dec (I can’t remember) for a Feb race…this 7 months out sell-out is just insane. And Stars Wars was $195 for a half marathon? Wow… But like I said, that’s all for another post.

If you WANT to register, go for it!

Here are my tips…

1 – Know if you want to run and what you want to run. This means, what race weekends you want to participate in and what races specifically. The hubs and I agreed to run the marathon and in a moment of weakness I signed up for goofy. It wasn’t really fair to my husband that I did that without talking with him beforehand. I kept him from being able to register for goofy with me, and I cost us some money without discussing it first. He’s over it, but still…make sure you know in advance and stick to your plan.

2 – Know when registration opens for YOU. Are you a DVC or visa card holder? You probably qualify for early registration so you won’t have to stress on the public registration day. Otherwise, make sure you know date and time registration opens (usually noon est, but that would be diff for you west coast folks).

3 – Plan your schedule accordingly. You don’t want to miss out on registering for a race you really wanted to run because you planned lunch with a friend who has a flexible schedule. Plan to be near a computer — cell phone registration is a pain, trust me.

4- Get there early. So, for all you newbies out there, you may not know this…but you can usually access online registration 5 minutes before it OFFICIALLY opens. I think marathon weekend had some glitches b/c I couldn’t get on for about 10 mins after noon, but usually you can get on early. RunDisney uses active.com for registration so if you are  a newbie to RunDisney, make sure you get yourself to active.com before registration day and get yourself an account. Then, head back there the day of and sign in before registration opens. That should help you get through the process quicker.

5 – Don’t stress. Its really not worth it. So you don’t get into the race you want? It’s not the end of the world… You have some options. You could…pick another  race (RunDisney or ::gasp:: a non Disney race). Or, you can check out the charitable or tour group registrations. As you know, I do a lot with Team in Training and they often offer a lot of options for Disney races, but there are many other charities you could check out as well.


And my WDW Marathon Registration story…

Well, I had been talking to the hubs for a few weeks before registration. As I’ve said before, I felt like I left something unfinished and wanted to give it another go. Hubs was on the fence for running and I was leaving it up to him. He finally said yes and that’s when I said about Goofy…he was not game.

Day of registration, things were going slow and the site seemed to crash. I had to be in court at 130p, about 45 mins from my office. So, what I needed, was for everything to go perfectly. It did not. I couldn’t get on to register before I had to leave. So I kept refreshing on my phone. I had to pull over and complete my registration. On a whim…I signed up for Goofy. Then, I couldn’t get the hubs registered so I had to call him and have him do it on his own. He was no so happy with me. I failed to mention Goofy in that not so happy conversation so when he found out later..again not so happy.

I will say this about Goofy. I keep saying I did it on a whim. But the reality is, I had talked about it beforehand and it was on my mind. The 10 year anniversary really got me revved on the idea. Plus, I was planning to train for the marathon using the goofy plan (no DNF for me this time). So, its really not as “whim” or crazy as it may seem from the outside.  AND, while hubs was annoyed, he’s very grateful he’s not doing it!


What are your tips for getting through Disney registration?



Weekly Planning

This is where I admit I am a compulsive list-maker…


I thought I’d take a moment to talk about how I plan each week. This includes my food plan, my work out plan and my to-do list.

As an attorney at a law firm, my schedule varies day to day, but I almost always know at least a week ahead of time what will be on my plate for court appearances. Other than that, I keep pretty much a 9 to 5 schedule for work, which makes things easy. Right now I have a lot more flexibility and am working less so I am not going into the office every day. This gives me more time for working around the house. I’ll explain my schedule with both a regular 40 hr a week job and a flexible or no job life.

To-Do List scheduling:

First off, I try to “assign” myself at least six tasks a day. I chose the number six for various reasons. First of all, I had read some literature from Martha Stewart (books, articles, etc) about being successful and it suggested having a goal of six. That’s a great starting point. I am sorry that I can’t reference back to specific articles or books, but it has been a long time that I have been doing this. The second thing is that I love the quote from Alice in Wonderland “Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” That just solidified it. To be honest, I often have more than six things on a to-do list for the day, but I make sure to AT LEAST have six and am satisfied if I have more and only accomplish six.

If I am working, I count Morning and Afternoon as two separate tasks on my daily two do list. Then I only have four things to do at home (which can be a lot after working a full day!). If I have a flexible schedule I will generally work either the morning or the afternoon and I’ll just count one task for either of those. At work, I also keep a separate to-do list where I have six work tasks to do a day.

I like to hand-write my to-do list. I just like the feel of seeing it all laid out on a sheet of paper and placing things so they will work out.

From back in my tv station days, I run my calendar on a Mon-Sun base (that’s how tv schedule weeks run).

So I set up a one-page sheet in a notebook or notepad. I start with Monday, put the date and then number 1 through 6. Then tues, and so forth. Typically I can fit Mon-Thurs on one half of the sheet and then Fri-Sun on the other half. (If you fold a sheet of paper “hot dog style”).

photo 2

I start off by putting in the days I am working. Then I fill one “task” for “workout” on each day. And then from there I fill in the rest of my to-do’s.

A finished page usually looks something like this.

photo 3

Next up, I work on our food plan for the week.

Again, I’ll use one sheet of paper and put Mon-Thurs on one half and Fri-Sun on the other.

I put each day and then the meals for the day. I have been switching around how we do our food and trying to find a better plan for eating.

So, I will either do, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with two snacks (as B,L,D,S1,S2) , or I’ll have Meals 1-7(as M1, M2, etc).

photo 1


I will either look through the cabinets and fridges and make a list of what I have, or review the list from the week before and mark off what we ate. I use this so I know what foods we have in our fridge and cabinets and I try to use as much of those as possible. I do this for a couple reasons. 1) I am trying to reduce waste and having to throw out food for going bad or expiring. 2) I am trying to get rid of the “bad” food we have and replace it with better options. So, I use a little of the “bad” stuff each week until its all gone. 3) We want to move out of our house, so I am trying to get rid of the excess food in our cabinets so there will be less to move.

photo 4

I tend to try to cook bigger meals on the weekends and keep things more simple during the week by either doing leftovers or “quick” cook meals.

I start off by filling in the “easy” stuff. So, breakfast b/c that is the easiest for me. Lately, I’ve been baking a large egg casserole, loaded with veggies, on Sunday night or Monday morning and then cutting it and putting it in containers in the fridge. This keeps breakfast super easy and healthy. Before, if there wasn’t something “easy” for my husband to grab, he would stop and pick something up on the way to work. This keeps him eating better. Bonus points for being a ton cheaper than eating out and also keeps me on task with my nutrition.

My M1-7 meal plan has me eating as follows:

M1- metabolism booster

M2- breakfast (I try to combine a protein and lots of veggies)

M3- fruit (aka one piece)

M4 – lunch (protein, veggie and low glycemic index carb)

M5 – snack or smoothie

M6- dinner (protein, veggie and sometimes a low glycemic index carb)

M7- skip or a piece of fruit


My BLD SS days consist of the following:

Breakfast – Protein and veggies

S1- veggies

Lunch – protein, low GI carb and veggies

S2? – veggies/fruit

Dinner – protein, low GI carb, and veggies

S2? – fruit


As you can see they are very similar.

The next “easy” thing is filling in those fruits. I make sure I have apples, grapefruit, oranges, bananas (for the hubs), etc in the fridge to count for all the fruits we need for the week.

Then I look at dinner…

I like to have fish or seafood one or two nights a week. Fill in with some chicken and limit the pork/beef meals to only one or twice a week. I also try to rotate so we are not eating the same “meat” two days in a row, if possible. And, I also try to not have the same meal two days in a row (so if I make chili on Sunday, we’ll have leftover chili Tues or Wed, but not Monday). Once I get my meats established, I will add in my veggies and if we are having a carb/starch with the meal.

Next I move to lunches where I look at what we have for dinner and use that in lunches, if possible, or I’ll make a whole new plan (usually chicken, tuna etc for lunch).

Lately I’ve been doing wraps for the hubs and I because they are easy, kind of fun to think up, and make me feel like summertime. We also do salads or Ill do tuna, hummus, cheese and veggie sticks as a meal (hubs gets crackers).

My trainer told me about these wraps, which are high in fiber and protein. I get the whole wheat because I like that they are “whole wheat flour” rather than “enriched” flour.

After my whole week is filled in, I will go back through and put together a store list. I tend to shop at both a local farmer’s market and the regular grocery store each week.

A finished food plan looks like this.

photo 5


I will talk more about the “bad” foods I’m trying to eliminate from our diets in a later post as part of my healthy series, but I did want to touch on it a bit here as well. They aren’t all necessarily bad from a conventional stand-point, but just don’t fit into the way we are trying to eat now.

First off, my trainer has me on a low GI diet right now. So a lot of the “bad” stuff is just stuff that does not fit into that diet because it has a higher glycemic impact (white flour pasta, breads, crackers, etc). The other “bad” stuff I’m trying to get rid of is mostly non-organic or processed foods. This is because we are trying to eat more and more organic and whole foods. But a little bit of the “bad” stuff each week until its gone, won’t hurt us. It’s a process, not a cold-turkey plan.


For Exercise, I have been using the Tone It Up bikini series weekly plans (posted on Sundays). That will end in another two weeks so I’ll either plan my own work-outs or find another system. Starting in July my workouts will be driven by marathon training, but that’s another month away a whole other post series. :o)


How do you plan your weeks? Do you plan your weeks at all? Do you plan out weekly menus or play it day-to-day?