I’m back!

I’m back! And, I’m alive …


For anyone that reads this, you may have noticed a serious lack of posting and that I removed some posts. I don’t want to get into that, but I will say simply that I was dealt a bit of a blow a few weeks back (4/28) and have to make some changes (professionally). Because of that, I did not want photos of my stomach easily found on the inter-webs so I pulled some posts. I have not been on here much because I’ve been busy trying to deal with what’s going on and figure out what my next steps will be.


I’ve been spending a lot of time with this guy…and really enjoying it! (This is his “Momma, can I have a blueberry” face/pose)



I’ve decided to get back to posting! I’m putting together two series posts and will try to add in one “freebie” post a week with a different topic.


The two series are:

Healthy Body Series  — I’m going to try to get this one to spread out over the summer with a different post each week about being “healthy” and what “healthy” means, etc.

Disney Marathon Series — Disney Marathon training officially begins in July, but I am trying to get a jump on this. I’ll have posts about registration, training, planning, general “check in” posts. This will run the WHOLE way until the January marathon with a re-cap of the races and weekend afterwards!


Other posts will be product reviews, running questions answer, exercise centered, etc.


Thanks for hanging with me and I hope to stay active on here and in my personal life!


Questions — What are you goals? Are you running the WDW Marathon or any races that weekend?


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