What’s next?

Today marks the opening of general registration for the RunDisney Avengers half Marathon in Disneyland.

Holy Cow! I REALLY want to run this race. I even went so far as to go through the registration page and put my info in…then I bailed.

Why??? Well, first of all. Cost. Running Disney is super-duper expensive!

Second of all…I have some other goals that I need to achieve and I just wanted this as a fun run.


So what is next for me?


Well, I’ve decided that I really NEED to give the WDW marathon another go around. I just can’t stand the idea of leaving it unfinished. I need to accomplish it.

While I am incredibly proud of my husband for his 2014 finish. The truth is, I’m also a bit jealous. The marathon was MY goal and he just agreed to tag along. And then he finished it and I didn’t. It really rubs me the wrong way to not meet my goals. We talked about doing another marathon since he’s not really interested in ANOTHER disney trip. But I just feel like I need to tackle the same mountain again. Otherwise, I won’t be able to truly put it behind me and check it off my list.

So there…

Most Likely my next big goal will be the 2015 WDW Marathon.

I also need to get in a half before the cut-off time for submitting proof-of time. Last year the deadline was 11/1, but this year it is 10/10. So that means I can’t use the 2014 Hershey Half as my proof of time. I am on the hunt for another half nearby before 10/10.


So my tentative plans for 2014-2015: (Seriously scaled back from last year’s calendar!)

4/13 – Hershey 10k

May-Sept — Half marathon (1x, possibly 2x)

Oct – Hershey Half??

Jan 2015 — WDW Marathon 2015


What are your plans??

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