February Recap and March/April Goals

Wow, time sure does fly. I feel like I say that in every monthly post.

Since we’re well into March. I’ve decided to combine my goals for March and April so check below for that!

February Goal Wrap-up!

1. House – tackle one big project each weekend.

How’d I do? Well, we got some big stuff accomplished around the house. But appointments and life get in the way. DH did get our stair rail back up and is working to patch spots  on the walls. I tackled a mountain of laundry and am working to clean out different areas of the house and rid our lives of clutter and unnecessary items. So yeah, at heart we are getting there but we still have quite a bit to do!

2. Food – more homemade, less processed.

Our bank accounts have definitely been grateful for this one. We have been donig much better. I need to work on getting my lunches prepped on the weekend so I can just grab them, but Jon has been mostly packed lunches and we’ve been doing a great job with eating homemade dinners.

3. Finances – cut back on spending

Well…we still have work to do on this. It’s not a definite goal and DH and I both get “itchy” for things. We’ve also had to put out some $$ to get some of our projects around the house done. But, I am working to track our spending better and also to consider spending, even small, before doing it.

4. Physical health – finish boot camp and keep up with Team in Training 10k training for April

Failed miserably with this in February, but I’m working on it. The nicer weather really helps!

5. Mental Health

I have been pounding through the Divergent series. I just started the 3rd book! I also powered through about 4 months of 4 of my magazine subscriptions (the ones that are digital versions on my ipad). I am feeling a lot better mentally with adding in more reading time!

March/April Goals

My goals are a little different this time around. I’ll do a touch on each of the five from above and then I have a few extras in there. :o)

1. House – clean that sucka out! We really need to clean house (get rid of clutter and sanitize the whole place) as well as get some painting and small repairs done. We are hoping to list the place by the end of April so the clock is ticking big time!

2. Food – I am thinking of doing a 6 week mini-session with my trainer to get my eating under control and be well-planed for getting bikini skinny! Otherwise, I just want to eat cleaner.

3. Finances – Well that whole house thing is looming in our future so that’s where our financial goals are now. Just sorting it all out and getting a plan together.

4. Physical Health – The food will help. But I want to get a regular fitness scheudle in place: 3-4 runs and 2 other work-outs each week, with some quality stretching on my days “off.”

5. Mental Health – Working on relaxing more!

Bonus Goals!

*6 – Up the speed. I have been testing my speed on the treadmill. I would like to be at 10 minute mile by the end of 2014. So for the end of April I’d like to be at 12/1230 mile.

*7 – Put a racing plan in place for the next 12 months.

*8 – Organize my closet. My closet is just a mess and doesn’t function well. I need to get rid of a lot of the stuff I don’t wear and get it all in order so it is more usable.


Welp that’s it for now!

See you in a few weeks to share how I did!



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