Marathon Trip pt. 3 — after the marathon

So the Marathon was over. I had made my choice to drop out and it was time to just enjoy ourselves!

After a few hours rest, we headed off to Downtown Disney with my parents and DH’s dad. We had a nice snack/dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express. I had some delicious mac and cheese — totally hit the spot.

Monday was our only Animal Kingdom day.

We spent the morning with my parents – Tusker House for breakfast/brunch and then hit up a few rides.


If you are going to eat in Animal Kingdom, I love the tip of hitting up the buffet at Tusker House close to 11a (our reservation was 1045). We got to catch the tail end of breakfast and then munch on lunch! We also had TONS of character interaction.

For the afternoon we hung with DH’s family. Our niece absolutely loved the petting zoo area at Rafiki’s planet watch.  I highly recommend checking this out if you have young children who are tired of being in the stroller. It is considerably less crowded so they are able to run around a little.

For dinner we hung at Fort Wilderness and had the buffet.


Tuesday was supposed to be our day at Universal, but we skipped that. We had an extra day in the Disney parks because we didn’t do Epcot on Sunday. DH’s sister and our niece headed back home and DH’s parent’s took a rest day. So we spent the day with myparents at  Epcot.

I got pictures with some of the characters and had some video saying happy birthday to our friend’s daughter as part of her bday gift.



Wednesday was one of my favorite days. In the morning we went to Downtown Disney so I could see if the running store had a brace or compression sleeve for my knee (it was still bugging me). DH and my mom rode Characters in Flight while my dad and I shopped. My mom was thrilled! Then we hit up my favorite park again — Hollywood Studios with both my parents and DH’s. It was so fun to spend the day with everyone. We drug DH’s parents around and wore them out quite a bit. BUT! My highlight was getting my dad to ride not only Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but also Tower of Terror (my favorite ride ever). We also stayed and caught Fantasmic! I am so glad we were able to share that with my dad and with DH’s parents (my mom and DH and I had seen this on prior trips).


Can’t go too far without a reminder of our love pup, Oscar Winkerbean!

Thursday was relaxing day. My parents headed out after breakfast and we took our time getting to Magic Kingdom. DH’s parents were planning to do another day in Animal Kingdom, but decided to join us in the afternoon. After a little curfluffle, I convinced everyone we needed to ride some rides! DH’s parents had a rough time on Sat when they were in MK so I wanted to be sure they had a better experience here.


In case you were wondering … this is what Buzz looks like when they stop the ride near the end. They actually put the side rails up while the ride is stopped and then lowered them to start it again. This normally is a black tunnel with lots of stars floating around.

Our ride photo is hilarious…





Did I mention it was COLD?! So cold … hence the heavy fleece jackets we’re wearing.

Friday was DH’s parent’s last day. So we went to Epcot since DH’s mom had been raving for months about how much she loved Epcot (mind you she hadn’t been to disney in 20?? years.).Image

We had an awesome lunch at spice road table where sampled pretty much the entire menu. The food was sooo good! Something didn’t agree with me in the end, but the food was delicious!

DH’s mom and I got oyster pearls at Japan and we rode a few  more rides before calling it a day.


For dinner, DH and I did Boatright’s at our resort. So good! I wish I was feeling better and could’ve eaten more!




Saturday was our last full day and we were a bit “Disney’d” out for this trip. We took it easy and headed to MK around lunchtime for a few hours, then to Downtown Disney for a few hours and finally back to MK for dinner at … yup … Be our Guest!!


A perfect ending to our trip!

We had a wonderful time. Survived the marathon and a “big family vacation.” But, we were ready to get home to our booga-boy, Oscar.


See ya next time!





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