January 2014 Goals

My goals for January!

1 – New Boot Camp! Starts 1/4 and runs for 6 weeks. I’ll miss 3 of the classes due to scheduling conflicts, but gonna make the other 9!

2 – Marathon! – WDW Marathon on 1/12 — AHH! I’m so not ready, but mentally I’m just telling myself I’m gonna get it done.

3 – Push-ups — Ugh! I hate push ups, mostly b/c I suck at them. My goal is to be able to do 5 REAL push-ups, not the on the knees kind.

4 – Skier Stomps — We do these at boot camp and they hurt like a bugger. I want to be able to do a full set without resting (gonna take some practice at home!)

5 –  Put together a 2014 fitness/health plan. I’m taking January a little easy b/c of the Marathon, but I want to get a good handle on my plans for the remainder of the year.

6 – Finances — TRACK EVERY CENT! I can do this for myself, but its going to be hard to get DH on board. He doesn’t like to “answer” to me when it comes to finances. But we want to move, so hopefully he can work with me for at least a month (or two).

7 – House Fix-up — I’d like to get a good start on getting the house in shape for listing it for sale. I would also like to have  final list of what needs done

8 – Work – I’d like to get two new non-criminal clients at work. It’s a low goal, but we’ve been pretty stagnant and only working on clients I’ve had or on criminal/DUI clients.

9 – Relax – I want to take some time to relax each week or even each day. I get so stressed and obsessed on stuff and I just want to unwind for a bit.

10 – Food – As usual, eat more homemade and less processed!


That’s it for January! What are your goals for the month?


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