December Goals Recap — What’s done is done!

Are you ready for the new year?!

How’d I do with my Dec goals?

1 – Finish Boot Camp — Boom! Done! Didn’t miss a single one!

2 – Train with trainer – Boom! Done! Well..mostly. I think I did this at least 2 of the 4 weeks. But I did get my butt there on Christmas Eve so that counts extra, right?

3 – Run/Cardio 2-3 times per week – FAIL!

4 – Track food – FAIL! I kept it up for about 3 days then failed…

5 – 5k steps per day on FitBit — I did pretty well on this. There were some days I was WAY over and others I was under or didn’t have my fitbit to track. Overall I was walking more and keeping an eye on this better.

6 – More Homemade/Less Processed food — No idea…I am trying to be conscious of this, but no idea…too busy/stressed.

7 – TNT Fundraising — I’m $350 into my fundraising. I am not sure if I am doing both events or only one so I am either shooting for $750 or $2100 or $2850…depending on what I decide to do.

8 – Christmas Decor – BOOM! DONE! We got our stuff up by 11/30 mostly and the remainder over the next week. Now its all gotta come down!

9 – 2014 Budget – FAIL — I’m actually doing this today. :o)

10 – Spend time with family and friends – BOOM! DONE! I think I’m ready to back off a little and be my normal hermit self.

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