Marathon Trip!! (part one)

It’s been awhile (again). Work/life really get in the way.

The marathon was about three weeks back and we spent a total of 10 days at Disney (1/9-1/19)! I’m going to break this down into parts because it will get quite lengthy otherwise.

Also — I need some help coming up with a new goal. There will be a marathon on the horizon (you’ll see why later), but what other goals should I set for myself?

DH and I headed down to Disney on 1/9 for a pretty late night of traveling. We arrived at our resort (Port Orleans) somewhere around 130/2a and zonked out in our room.


Yup! Those are the beds in the Royal Rooms — we got an upgrade for free! Yay! So cool!

Friday we slept in a little later than we anticipated an then headed off to the Expo. I had planned to do some shopping and try to get New Balance Minnie Shoes, but we really weren’t feeling the whole crowd thing at the Expo so we just grabbed our packets and shirts and I stocked up on Cliff Shot Blocks for the marathon at a random booth (a lot of them sell them). We browsed the official merch, but I wasn’t really in love with anything. And, they were sold out of the New Balance sneakers in my size — which is probably a good thing, because its not like a need another pair of shoes.

We dropped our stuff off at our room then high-tailed it to Hollywood Studios. We were “on call” waiting to hear if DH’s sister made it to Florida (weather back home was not cooperating) so we were a bit distracted. We rode a few rides then took a bus to DH’s parent’s RV (Fort Wilderness). But, not before snagging this awesome photo!Image

And these guys welcomed us back to our room Friday night!



Saturday — our rest day!

We were SUPER lazy in the AM and just rested. My parents arrived around 10/11a and since they were staying at our resort we just hung out and waited for them. Dh’s parents and sister made an attempt to visit Magic Kingdom, but were overwhelmed by the crowds.

TIP: If you are traveling with people who are not “Disney people” and who admittedly a)do not like crowds b)don’t understand Disney and c)cannot ride many rides for whatever reason, you should most definitely NOT let them alone in the parks until AFTER they have spent a day with you in the park…possibly not even then.

We had a lunch reservation at Whispering Canyon Cafe for the whole gang around 1ish. The food was alright and the atmosphere was alright, but I wasn’t super impressed overall. Maybe its better for dinner?

DH and I spent the afternoon watching “Wolf of Wallstreet” at Downtown Disney (super intense — still not sure how I feel about it). Our family members braved Magic Kingdom. My parents were able to do quite a bit, but DH’s were not so lucky. Apparently they just walked around for 3 hours, bought a hot dog and left…we didn’t hear much more about the day and were a bit afraid to ask.

Sunday was the Marathon so I’m gonna stop here.



January 2014 Goals

My goals for January!

1 – New Boot Camp! Starts 1/4 and runs for 6 weeks. I’ll miss 3 of the classes due to scheduling conflicts, but gonna make the other 9!

2 – Marathon! – WDW Marathon on 1/12 — AHH! I’m so not ready, but mentally I’m just telling myself I’m gonna get it done.

3 – Push-ups — Ugh! I hate push ups, mostly b/c I suck at them. My goal is to be able to do 5 REAL push-ups, not the on the knees kind.

4 – Skier Stomps — We do these at boot camp and they hurt like a bugger. I want to be able to do a full set without resting (gonna take some practice at home!)

5 –  Put together a 2014 fitness/health plan. I’m taking January a little easy b/c of the Marathon, but I want to get a good handle on my plans for the remainder of the year.

6 – Finances — TRACK EVERY CENT! I can do this for myself, but its going to be hard to get DH on board. He doesn’t like to “answer” to me when it comes to finances. But we want to move, so hopefully he can work with me for at least a month (or two).

7 – House Fix-up — I’d like to get a good start on getting the house in shape for listing it for sale. I would also like to have  final list of what needs done

8 – Work – I’d like to get two new non-criminal clients at work. It’s a low goal, but we’ve been pretty stagnant and only working on clients I’ve had or on criminal/DUI clients.

9 – Relax – I want to take some time to relax each week or even each day. I get so stressed and obsessed on stuff and I just want to unwind for a bit.

10 – Food – As usual, eat more homemade and less processed!


That’s it for January! What are your goals for the month?


December Goals Recap — What’s done is done!

Are you ready for the new year?!

How’d I do with my Dec goals?

1 – Finish Boot Camp — Boom! Done! Didn’t miss a single one!

2 – Train with trainer – Boom! Done! Well..mostly. I think I did this at least 2 of the 4 weeks. But I did get my butt there on Christmas Eve so that counts extra, right?

3 – Run/Cardio 2-3 times per week – FAIL!

4 – Track food – FAIL! I kept it up for about 3 days then failed…

5 – 5k steps per day on FitBit — I did pretty well on this. There were some days I was WAY over and others I was under or didn’t have my fitbit to track. Overall I was walking more and keeping an eye on this better.

6 – More Homemade/Less Processed food — No idea…I am trying to be conscious of this, but no idea…too busy/stressed.

7 – TNT Fundraising — I’m $350 into my fundraising. I am not sure if I am doing both events or only one so I am either shooting for $750 or $2100 or $2850…depending on what I decide to do.

8 – Christmas Decor – BOOM! DONE! We got our stuff up by 11/30 mostly and the remainder over the next week. Now its all gotta come down!

9 – 2014 Budget – FAIL — I’m actually doing this today. :o)

10 – Spend time with family and friends – BOOM! DONE! I think I’m ready to back off a little and be my normal hermit self.