Race #12/13 — Philadelphia Marathon Weekend Half Marathon

Another rough one!

Have you ever had a BAD run? One you finished and thought “I probably should have bailed on it and stayed in bed this morning?”

A few months back I went insane and thought “well, if I’m doing 4 half marathons this year, I might as well do 5.” This is stupid logic. Don’t listen to that voice in your head. Or, AT LEAST give yourself some more time between the half marathons …like…one every other month or something. I completed the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge on 8/31 and 9/1 (you’ll remember I wasn’t feeling well afterward — that lasted about 2-3 weeks), then rolled into the Hershey Half Marathon on 10/20 (7 weeks later, 6 weeks after returning from Disneyland), and then the Philly Half on 11/17 (a mere 4 weeks after Hershey). Also — If you’re going to do this, and I cannot say this enough, TRAIN.

Anyways…to the actual race.


The Wake up was MUCH colder than I expected so I was cold…didn’t have enough layers … but not freezing. I just kept trying to move around. I drank to much before the start and too close to the start. My wave started a little after 730a (7a start time for the race and I was in the last wave). I had to stop at the first bathroom to pee (around mile one). I was feeling tight and couldn’t get my stride right from the start (before the start actually). The bathroom stop actually helped and I was feeling a little better. I nailed mile 2– but maybe a little too fast (about 2.5 mins faster than my previous time). I kept it up until we hit south street (around mile 6) and saw my cousin!! She lives near there and came out to cheer myself and our other cousin (in a different wave) on! Seriously though..South Street smelled AMAZING! The restaurants had started cooking and there was this awesome barbeque-ish smell just wafting in the air.

Mile 7ish takes up on a 100 ft elevation incline for about a mile. Brutal. Someone at the start told me this was rough and I think I ended up psyching myself out too much. I took the incline slow. Really slow… And then lost it all.

The last 2.5 miles were the WORST. My hip hurt and made me incredibly tight so my knees started throbbing. I actually considered pulling out of the race around 11.75-12. The worst part was by the time we got here most of the spectators (which I imagine were few during this stretch anyway) had moved on so there was no crowd to push you along with their cheering. I literally limped my way to the finish line.

All-in-all I ended up with a time that was my third best overall. I was mad though… At the halfway I was on par to PR by more than 20 mins. Oh well, maybe next time!

Here’s my before and after!



DH was supposed to come down with me, but puppers ended up with a scratch and ulcer on his cornea and needed eye drops. My mom said she thought she could take care of it, but DH felt better staying home to do it himself. He was supposed to clean too …

My best friend stepped in and came down with me at the last minute. She took some pics of the race in general which turned out really nice!








See ya real soon!



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