Happy November!

Happy November!


Wow, October was so fast!

I still haven’t recapped the Hershey Half Marathon — I’ll get to that, I promise!


For November, here are my goals:

1 – Start Boot Camp — My gym/studio is offering a 6 week boot camp class. It meets twice a week and includes body measurements and analysis before and after. The first class is this Saturday and I’m super excited and super nervous!

2 – Train with my Trainer — The first two weeks of the month are a bust for this, but I’ll be there on Wednesdays for the last two weeks! Then I need to make a decision as to how to continue b/c my 10-session pass is up at the end of the month.

3 – Add in one extra class each week — Again, the first two weeks are kind of a bust. But I’m headed to a TRX class this week. Next week I will be all over the place and prepping for my next half marathon, but then the following week I’m digging in. I’ll have Boot camp tues, training wed, TRX thurs and boot camp sat. Whoa …

4 – Run — I really need to get in some long runs in the next two months to prep for the WDW Marathon in January. Next week my goal is two runs during the week, then I’m bumping it to 3x/week for the remainder of the month.

That’s it for working out. I do have some other goals this month.

5 – Get back to tracking my food each day.

6 – Start wearing my fitbit again and tracking my steps.

7 – Eat more homemade food and less processed or purchased food.

8 – Host early Thanksgiving with DH’s side of the family.

9 – Survive 2x Thanksgiving without gaining any weight (hoping to lose some!).

10 -Get a head start on Fundraising for Spring 2014 Team in Training!


Well, that’s about it. Do you have any goals for the month?

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