Catching up…

Well hello there. It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

I’ve been super busy and stressed and just haven’t felt like posting much.


A little recap:

Oiy…work has been insane. It feels like October is a very busy month for work (it was last year too). But our home life is also busy which makes it just plain exhausting.


Back on 10/8 we had a little issue with the puppers. He was back to soft poops and then threw up so I called the vet and got him an appointment the next day. It all worked out well. The vet gave him a shot of anti-nausea meds and 10 days of other meds. We also got a new shampoo to use at least once per week to get rid of his belly rash. I cannot believe how well this stuff has been working! His belly is pretty much cleared up. 


The next week brought a new client matter that was incredibly involved and needed to be filed by Friday (client came in on Tuesday). So that kept me swamped! We also attended a local political/news event that DH was invited to by his co-workers. Oh yeah, and #11 of my 13 for 2013 challenge — The Hershey Half Marathon.


And then there’s last week where I spend 3 days in 4 different court rooms and had client meetings on M and F to book-end the week. Not to mention an HOA board meeting M night, HOA annual meeting W night and a thirty-one party on F. For the weekend we drug ourselves out of bed and went to an art sale. I headed to the gym after lunch and then we worked around the house all evening (laziness). Yesterday we celebrated my brother’s first wedding anniversary with dinner at my house with my whole family. They stuck around until after 3p so we were so tired. I did gather the energy to get 5 loads of laundry washed and 6 loads folded (old stuff that’s been sitting in the basket). I’m finally getting a handle on it! 


I also got out emails for our Disney vacation in January (I have been sending informative emails to our family members who are joining us to cheer us on during our marathon). Woohoo! I’m caught up on those! Just need to keep on top of it between now and Jan!


What’s on tap for this week:

Searching endlessly for the seasonal Clif Bar flavors (pecan pie, iced gingerbread and spiced pumpkin pie). I cannot find these anywhere!

Two short runs and a long run (14 miles) — probably gonna be Tues, Thurs and Sat (long).

Training Wednesday with my trainer and alone tonight (M) and Fri.

I’m only in court one day this week and have a client meeting this afternoon. That means I can wear more comfortable clothing and dig into the giant projects sitting on my desk.  Fun times …


I’m also planning to get the rest of the laundry taken care of, and get a good chunk of the basement junk sorted out. Oh! And, we might head to Hersheypark in the Dark, but I’m  not sure on that.

Friday night we were invited to dinner at DH’s aunt’s house b/c his great uncle is visiting from Chile. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to go or if we’ll both go or what. It’s about a 2 hour drive and we hate leaving our puppers like that!


So yeah…that’s what’s been going on. I’ll try to get back to weekly postings!





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