Hurts like whoah…

I started training with a trainer as of last week.
 …something I thought I’d never do.


So here’s the deal. I’m super cheap in some areas of my life and blow money like its nothing in others (namely expensive food and shoes and clothes).


I have tried getting gym memberships, joining teams and even tried working with a trainer, but I hated it all. I still, in all honesty, don’t love it.

However a few weeks back I started researching a local gym that does TRX. TRX intrigues me. It looks a lot easier than lifting weights or running on the treadmill. So after a few weeks of browsing the web site and doing research (lawyer in me) I decided to send an email on a whim. This is my MO (modis operendi) for life. I do a ton of research and then at the last minute just do whatever on a whim. I can’t ever consciously make the decision to do something. It has to be long and drawn out and thought out and then regardless of what rationality says, I just go with my gut. I do rule a lot of things out in the research phase so most of the stuff I “Wing it” on are things that are fairly stable/safe.


Anyway, I emailed the trainer and set up a meeting. My last experience with a trainer was a disaster. They didn’t pay attention to me (working with multiple people at one time) and didn’t listen to what I was saying (used a standard training rather than one specified to me). After three session I never went back and no one even noticed.


So I had a sour taste in my mouth going in. That turned around pretty quickly. This new trainer is awesome. First of all, she’s a she…no more guys telling me stuff they don’t really understand. Second of all, she’s normal. She’s not some super-cut, super-pumped, super-exercise nut. She’s healthy and believes in healthy, but after talking to her I realized she believes in what I’ll call “whole healthy” meaning my once a week 32 oz coke slushey is not going to get me a guilt trip lecture. Hey…I gave up soda completely about a month ago…once a week won’t kill me.


So I left the first meeting totally excited. All that was left was selling it to DH. He was okay with it, but was concerned about the cost. Luckily the trainer was running a special in July so I signed up at 30% off and bought a book of 10 sessions.


Last week was my first sessions. I was nervous again, but LOVED it.


TRX has a rep of being dangerous and ppl getting hurt (or that ppl love it). Here’s my two cents…if you are going to try it, try it somewhere reputable. And, start off one-on-one or with a small class. The trainer should be able to gear the workouts to your specific needs and skill level. In a class there should also be options for various skill levels. You should definitely check the place out before you sign up so you know what you are getting into.


I like TRX b/c I find it easier than lifting weights. The training I am doing is a combo of a lot of different styles and uses the TRX as part of it. I was able to do 50 minutes last week and again last night. I am sore the next day or two, but not uncomfortably so.


We worked my butt and thighs a lot last night, hence the title. Its difficult to wear heals the next day, but not impossible. I am working to keep moving.


That’s where I’ve been.


I need to keep up with my running, but the training is definitely helping. I’m also going to try to incorporate some of the non-TRX moves into a 30 minute session at home at least two days a week.


That’s my goal…hopefully I’ll stick to it.

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