Redefining “Healthy” or “lean” or whatever you want to call it…

This morning this article popped up in my sparkpeople email:


The articles (which you can read for yourself) discusses the struggle to be “really lean” and the misconception that only that type of body type is healthy and fit. In realty, according to the author, being fit and healthy can be something totally different. It also discusses mental well-being in relation to physical health and that finding a “balance” between different areas of your life is just as important, if not more so, than physical health alone.


Long story short, I really enjoyed this. It’s a topic that I think about often.


It also turned me onto the term “fitspo” if you’re not familiar it is the so-called “fit inspiration” posters or memes.”

Here’s some examples:


And here’s an article about why fitspo sucks:


Anyway… my point is this. I’m working on redefining what my goals are. I have friends and family who are all different shapes and sizes and I don’t judge any of them based on their bodies alone. So why am I so darn hard on myself?

I think that I set high standards for myself and they aren’t always realistic. I’m working on learning to accept that I have a curvier figure and that I’ll probably never be a size 0 again, and that’s all okay. I can still look hot and be healthy.

I do know this…I need to get myself in better shape physically and mentally so that I have a long, enjoyable and joyous life. I don’t want to be bed-ridden with injuries and diseases.

In March we lost my grandfather (aka Pappy) at 88 1/2 years old. He was still taking his daily walks (2 miles+) and going to hunting camp. He was awesome and taught me a lot of things and I need to start incorporating these things into my daily life.


So yeah…we as a culture need to redefine what we think healthy is. It’s not the stick thin supermodels or girls of “fitspo” its about HEALTH — and that doesn’t always equate to a lean body.



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