Event #8 (only 5 more to go!)

Event # 8 was this weekend.

DH and I traveled to Monroeville, PA on Friday night. We then woke up early Saturday morning for another hour of driving to Wampum, PA for the Pennsylvania “Run for your Lives” event.

If you aren’t familiar with “Run for your Lives” you can check out their web site here:

Run for Your Lives


We signed up quite awhile ago (March??) to run in the morning and then be zombies in the afternoon. A few weeks back we received an email that said they were changing the times so zombie shifts and running shifts in the afternoon were moved up a bit. This limited our time to run, eat lunch and get ready for round two (as zombies). Not such a big deal, but I can imagine that other people may have felt the crunch a bit more.


The way the race works is that you run a 5k obstacle course with “zombies” along the way. You are given three flags (like flag football) and the zombies try to “infect” you by taking your flags. Later in the day I heard that past races have had “med pacs” scattered throughout to earn back flags. Ours did not (at least not that I’m aware of), but zombies kept trying to give back flags to runners along the course.


Our run time was 10. The first wave started at 8a so when we got to the site there were people finishing up. At 930 I heard a girl say that only 5 people had “survived.”

As we watched people finishing, looking completed beat and totally filthy, then hearing how few had “survived” I decided that “surviving” was not my goal, but actually surviving without injuries was the new goal (and that was before I saw the course!)

We found some nice people and were chatting with them throughout the bus to the site, at the site and in the start corral. Then we lost them..found them along the course, then lost them again.


So yeah…I took it easy. DH did really well and lost his last flag in the last quarter mile (what we learned later was “kill zone.” I, on the other hand, lost all three flags in the first half mile.


We started off pretty good. The course had a TON of ups and downs on AV trails. About a half mile in, some rude kid shoved me right into a zombie (there went flag one). I felt bad b/c I put my arms out and essentially shoved the zombie too, but it was more to keep me from falling (he was a big guy compared to my frame so I hope he was alright.  DH kept getting ahead then waiting up for me in slower/rest zones (I was fine with this).  After the first span we came to the bottom of a hill and entered an old mine (Snowtop mine…still trying to find information on this). This was REALLY cool, except I’d prefer to do it with a headlamp and on my own time, not with zombies and electric wires hanging down. That’s where I lost my last two flags.

Here’s the deal. I have a ton of trouble seeing in the dark. Its mostly that I have difficulty adjusting to the dark. So entering a mine without a flashlight was just death to begin with. Add to it a slick floor (it had rained earlier) and mud and I’m just done for. Like I said, my goal was to survive without injuries so there was no running full force in this for me.

After the mine we hit several obstacles. I can’t remember exactly the order or how many or what, but I’ll name a few.

Walls — there were several walls to climb over throughout the course. The first one had some stumps to help get you up, but the others did not (I skipped the ones without the stumps). I think there were at least two types.

Creek – We actually ran though a creek…a natural creek. Oy, my environmental side cringed and the side of me that’s afraid of snakes cringed more (I know in that environment there likely would be no more snakes b/c of all the motion, but still…).

Crawl through creek — we crawled through a creek bed (very shallow) with barbed wire overhead.

Tunnel – we crawled through black tubes that were slightly in water.

Crawling – we crawled under these wooden triangle things that had barbed wire. They were on the ground in the woods so….bumps,rocks, worms, you name it.

Hay bales — climb over hay bales

Smoke room/house – I skipped this. But from my understanding it was a room pumped with smoke and had those electric wires hanging down again. Again with the eye issues…

Blood bath — a big container of dirty water with big empty barrels.

Hills, mud, rocks, zombies — pretty self explanatory.

More crawling  — the last obstacle as the finish line with was a fence that you had to crawl under that was supposedly electrified.


So here’s the thing, this was on ATV trails (four wheelers and dirt bikes). Which means lots of hills. Not such a big deal except for that rain I mentioned earlier which made it a muddy, muddy mess. We took it easy and were both infected.

Infected people got one medal and Survivors got another.

Here’s me before and after.



While it was fun and I enjoyed it. I am not sure I want to do another obstacle race. My cousin finished a spartan last month and has been asking me to do one with her in the future, but I’m definitely going to wait until after our full marathon, if I do one at all.


We quickly changed our shirts and gulped down dinner before heading over to be “Transformed” into zombies. Since they moved the shift up we had about half hour (you were supposed to arrive two hours ahead of your zombie shift).

I don’t have any pictures of just me with my zombie make up so I can’t post the “before” shift, but here’s a very poor “after.” Remember, this is after 4 hours of standing around/zombying.



I would definitely be a zombie again! So fun.


For zombying, you got a medal (same as our infected medal) another tee and a beer ticket.


If you’re into obstacle races, this a fun one to try. I don’t recommend doing it in the middle of half marathon/marathon training because there is the risk of injury.


Have a great weekend!


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