Smorgasburg 4/1/16

Way back at the beginning of April we ventured up to NYC to visit with friends. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives who open their doors and clear their schedules to spend time with us. For this trip we were able to spend the weekend at our friends’ new home in The Rockaways! Unfortunately the weather was bit dreary so we didn’t spend anytime on the beach. Instead we traveled into Brooklyn to hang out at Smorgasburg!

20160402_133642 (1)20160402_13364520160402_133721

We spent a few hours walking around the food festival just eating small bites and chatting. Our friend was the first to imbibe and picked up these delicious looking Duck Rinds!



Jon was very into the foods and picked up several options including this chicken tikka steamed bun.


We rounded out the afternoon by chowing down on these Wow-fuls! The wait was 45 mins to order and then another 45 mins until our food was ready! But man…totally worth the wait! We had a vanilla wow-ful with coconut ice cream and topped with strawberries. I added a chocolate drizzle to mine and they came with some strawberry pocky (one was sacrified to the ground after the hubs dug in a little too anxiously!


We left smorgasburg and headed of to find a place to get some drinks and maybe a few more snacks. Our first stop crapped out when they wouldn’t let us in because I was carrying the box of cookies seen above and our friend had a bourbon cake in a to-go box. Apparently they do not allow any outside food, even in packages. Crazy. So we just walked around looking for somewhere else and happened upon a cool little place that I never got the name of! They had THE. BEST. FRIED. PICKLES. I have ever had. Oh man… so good.


After some bagels the next morning we headed back home.

20160403_113443 (1)

Family and Food

We’ve been MIA for the month of September. I kept meaning to get posts up but it just didn’t happen. Instead we did a lot of family time with our extended families and with just the three of us. Here are some highlights.


Celebrating Jon’s mom’s birthday back in July…


My cousin’s wedding!


Awesome bulldog salt and pepper shakers from another cousin.

IMG_0325 IMG_0328 IMG_0337

Annual Fort Hunter Day!

IMG_0344 IMG_0348

Bean being bean…

WDW Marathon: Next Steps

Now that the Marathon is officially over and all the hullabaloo is done, what is next?!

Well, in my personal life…we are all moved into our new home (well our stuff is moved in but not put away). So that means we’re back in our own space and have only ourselves to worry about schedule-wise.

I am fairly settled in my job (5 months in) so that is good.

Running-wise I’ve gotten my BIG goal for the year done (yay for January goals!) already by finishing the marathon so that makes things “easier” and allows me to set some new goals.

I also just signed up as a BeachBody Coach. I have kept a bit quiet the last few months as I tried out the 21 day fix and really liked the program. I highly recommend checking it out. If you’re interested I am happy to provide more info. But I just like that its about clean eating, but realistically. I didn’t follow it precisely and ended up using about 7.5 lbs after two rounds. And that’s with very limited following of the exercises…mostly just the food stuff and even that was a little free given the holiday indulgences.

So now that things are a little more in place I’m hoping to get a blogging schedule worked up and actually stick with it. What would you like to see on a blog??


WDW Marathon 2015 Week 30

We are now more than a week PAST the marathon. How are you feeling? Are you sore? Tired? Ready for another race?

I am still super tired, but that’s because we’ve had such a whirlwind lately in our personal lives.

I have good news though! This weekend we move into our new house so starting next week (or the week after) I should be able to blog more regularly since we’ll be working on our own schedule again and I can carve out my own little space for computer usage. Woohoo!

Hope you’re doing well! See you real soon!


WDW Marathon 2015: Week 27


This week’s plan:

Tues – 45 mins

Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 7 miles

DO NOT Try to stuff in a bunch of extra miles because your training has been lacking. This is not the time to do that. This week (and next), get some runs in, stretch, and get your body ready for a race with fuel and hydration!

See you next week!


WDW Marathon 2015: Week 25 Training

I have some news for you… your MARATHON is only 2.5 weeks away. Yup! That’s it. So right now you’re either super duper nervous (like me), or super duper excited!! Or, you just can’t wait for it to be over!

Either way, the HOME STRETCH IS HERE!!! Just hang tight, don’t get sick and don’t get injured for the next 2.5 weeks and you are golden!

And remember, YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

So in other news, we’ve had quite the busy December, but mostly the last week has been jam-packed. We got a call from our Realtor last week that a home had been put back onto the market (it was originally listed in February, under contract in March and then sat for 5 months b/c of a deed issue — it’s bank owned). So it just came back on the market and was only slightly above our max price for pre-approval. So we took a look at the photos and liked it a lot and scheduled a visit for Tues. That’s when the hubs fell in love (I like it too, don’t worry, he was just really excited about it). So Wed we put in an offer, then did a bunch of back and forth with the bank through Friday when we found out someone else put in an offer. So we waited out the weekend and got a counter back from the bank. We just weren’t feeling it and were ready to bail and then at like 6p last night our Realtor emailed that we got the house!! Yay! So that means we’ll be moving in less than a month back into a house of our own and out of the in-law’s hair!

Now comes a bunch of paperwork and scheduling and stuff. Eek!

The hubs also came down with a pretty rough stomach bug and was up all night Thursday and off work Friday. He’s feeling better, but hoping no one else gets it!

And, today…today our puppers was taken into the vet for surgery so we’re both a nervous wreck waiting for it to be over and have our fur-baby back home (he comes home tonight, I just always worry about him). He is having his eyes fixed because he has whats called entropian (look it up).

So yeah… that’s our last week…

For this week, here’s what your training should be:

Tues – 45 mins

Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 6 miles

I’m trying to get a long run in tomorrow (Christmas Eve), Friday, and Saturday to make up for a little bit of lost training and then gonna rest and take it easy as we move forward with the next two weeks before DISNEY WORLD!!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a Joyous New Year for 2015!!

See ya next week!


WDW Marathon Week 25

Here’s your plan for this week! Check out my post at for some pointers on packing for a runcation/racecation!

Tues – 45 mins

Thurs – 45 mins

Sat – 12 miles (walk)

Sun – 26 miles (run/walk)

Good luck! That Sunday run is a doozy!

WDW Marathon 2015: Week 24

A Day late and a Dollar Short… yup.

Something happened in our personal life that had me all out of whack yesterday. But! here I am with your trusty weekly post…just a day late.

Week 24 Goofy Training Schedule:

Tues – 45

Thurs – 45

Sat – 7 (with Magic Mile)

My plan:

Mon – 40

Tues – Was planning to do 6 miles, but that personal life thing happend

Wed – Was planning rest, but will do 3-4 miles

Thurs – 6 miles

Fri – Rest

Sat – 8 miles

Sun – 12-16 miles

Here’s hoping I can stick to it!

How’s your training coming??